First outbreak of herpes

I'm In my first outbreak and in soo much pain. My jobs physically demanding so I'm off work. I can't even drive my car. I know everyone says the breakouts will not be as server as the first one but im worried about keep needing time off work and what to say to them. Also how long does breakout last for. I'm on day 3 of 5 aciclovir and I don't feel much improvement.

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  • Sometimes with the first you may need 10 days of aciclovir but all it will do is stop new blisters appearing, your body will heal the ulcers that are there. Have salt water baths. If you get lots of recurrent episodes, you can ask for aciclovir to take daily which will stop any future outbreaks. People are correct though, the first is the worst.

  • I on my third week of my first out brand , have to sit on a ice pack, my lips are massive all my glands are swollen feeling sick and tierd , I hope I doesn't get any worse , I feel your pain and hope with you .

  • The first is always the worst. I honestly thought someone was burning me with a lighter. Try wet tea bags. That stings but it eases it. Speak to your doctor about some numming cream especially for it. It works wonders. It's will pass and won't be so bad next time. and I know baths hurt but have one at least once a day or twice it helps as well. Well I found it did

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