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How quickly can herpes sores disappear?

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I just had what I thought was my second outbreak of herpes. The first one gave me about 4 sores which disappeared in a couple of weeks or so.

Two days ago I checked to see if I had any sores (as I had felt a bit uncomfortable) and there was absolutely nothing. I looked again yesterday and there was what I thought was a sore (if it was it came out much more quickly than the first time - they took a week to properly appear). However I just looked again today and there is nothing, not even a sign on my skin that a sore had been there.

Is this likely to have been a sore? I know antibodies can fight off the infection more quickly each time it appears on the skin but I would have thought that if a sore appeared it would still take a few days at least to appear and then to disappear again? Surely skin can't heal that quickly...

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it depends if its on the lips (more commonly known as Cold sores) if its downstairs, you really need to see your doctor. If its a cold sore you can get some cream over the counter for them. The most effective one is Blistex. It may sting alil or itch (As I have cold sores) but the cream works. If you still have the cold sore after a week, consult your doctor. If its in the downstairs area see your doctor and do not have any form of sex (even if it is a cold do not perform oral sex as it will spread to the other person) If its downstairs do not perform any form of sex. But consult your doctor.

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I don't need to consult a doctor I know I've got herpes (genital) and I know it'll go away. I just wanted to know whether it would be possible for a sore to appear and then disappear in 24 hours.

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Yes, but that's not my question. I want to know whether it would be possible for a sore to appear and then disappear in 24 hours.

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Please no more responses unless you can answer what I'm asking. Thanks!

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My experience: They can appear very quickly (i.e. less than 24 hours from noticing something coming to sore). If you are taking Acylovir or similar they can also disappear very quickly, but more like 48 hours than 24.

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What if I'm not taking anything?

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