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please someone help me


hi so I posted on here abut 5 days ago now explaining how me and my partner had sex for the first time around 4 months ago unprotected as I'm on a contraceptive pill we don't see any need to use condoms and I hd tests before I slept with him I'm 18 ad ive had only 2 other sexual partners both had to sti background ... I don't sleep around ... anyway new years eve just been me and my partner had sex previous to us having sex I had a shave with a blunt ish razor causing me to have ingrown hair and an irritated vagina.... I had my ingrown hairs removed by a professional .... I also contracted a UTI infection which has been treated with antibiotics and has now cleared up .... ive booked my self into the doctors as my vagina is surrounded by small red lumps that are very painful and I believed these to be ingrown hair which when I was asleep I must have scratched and irritated a few got infected so I been bathing in savlon concentrated liquid.... I'm worried out of my head that I got genital herpes .... although I been ill recently having hot and cold flushes ... feeling faint and just not well in general .... I suffer badly from migraines anyway have done since a young age.... but these sores down below are very painful feel like they are burning ... I'm not sure if they are extremely infected as ive read into symptoms of many sti's they say aout coloured discharge etc my discharge is normal colour has no smell what so ever.... I'm just very concerned and most of all if I do have it how am I going to tell my partner I'm worried his going think its me that's given him it which is nt correct as I have been tested before I slept with him and all my results came back negative his had 14 other sexual partners and I'm unsure as to whether he used protection with all .... not only that my partner does suffer from cold sores...... please if anyone could talk and try help me come to grips with the fact I may have contracted genital herpes from my boyfriend it would be a great help.

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Hi there, it is worth going to your local sexual health clinic whilst you have symptoms so that someone can have a look and tell you if they think the spots look like herpes or if they are simply ingrowing hairs. if there are sores there they can take a swab for herpes and treat if needed. I understand you are worried and I think it would help if you went to a clinic and spoke to someone.

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Ive booked my self in to my local gp for tomorrow evening im not sure they are ingrown hairs that have become infected and also theres dome razor burn thats becomes infected and because wiping after urination is painful as it burns and when i wipe it stings that this could have caused durther irritation ...... Im just worried id i do have it how im suppose to tell my partner

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