I slept with someone about 3 weeks ago and he was tested and clean before me.. thing is the condom split and he says his new partner now has got herpes symptoms and she's been to the doctors who also think it might be it.. neither me or the guy have symptoms but now I'm shit scared ! Been to get tested but the 2 weeks wait is too much.. can anyone help?

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  • Herpes can lie dormant for years and years with no symptoms, most people don't even know they have it. You'll find out soon enough if you have it, it's a blood test right? The herpes test isn't like the other STI swabs, are u sure that guy got tested? People can be carriers but never have any symptoms.

  • Yeah I did think that aswell.. Im panicking ! And he said he got tested before me..

  • Try not to worry, herpes is so very common nearly everyone catches it at some point in their lives. Like cold sores it's not dangerous more uncomfortable and a little inconvenient. There's lots of resources online with info that are really reassuring

    As for this girl, symptoms can appear for the first time years after you caught it. chances are her infection has nothing to do with this guy or you.

    Stay safe

  • Don't worry about it, if all 3 of you have it it's just life. It's totally manageable and not a big deal. I don't know this guy but I doubt he got tested for herpes, in my whole life I got every other STI check, so has everyone I know. Unless he's a total stickler for genital health, it's unlikely. There's no way of knowing how his gf got it either, them having sex could've made her symptoms appear and even a change in diet or stress so ignore that guy & don't let him try and make you think it's you. X

  • Sorry to say. This man is 99% lying, in my opinion. Oops. Try not to worry. If you have caught herpes from him. It's not that big a deal.

    Don't keep worrying and don't believe what he,s telling you. Get up your courage and go to a doctor, who has heard it all before. He won't make you feel guilty or embarrassed, sexual intercourse is a natural function of human beings. Put your mind at rest.. If you feel better go to a GU clinic, they,ll help you. Good luck.

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