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need help detecting whether I need get tested

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hi everyone so me and my partner have been together a while... not long ago i got tested for stds just as a precaution they all came back negative..... me and my partner have been sexually active for 3 months now ...anyway new years eve me and my partner had sex... previous to us having sex I shaved using a blunt-ish razor bad idea I know!! ...... since new years eve after having sex..... I have been experiencing UTI symptoms I have been to the doctors and been prescribed antibiotics.... along side this water infection ive had hard lumps pop up around the labia lips and on the insides of my legs where my knickers line rubs when I walk .... anyway I thought this was due to the hair growing back through .... I went to my auntie as she is a beautician she said I had infected hair follicles so she removed the majority that she could ... I later rang the doctor to say would my antibiotic I was taking for the uti infection cover this as well .....he told me it would and as I have only been taking the antibiotics for around 2 days now and its a 3 days intensive dosage I was to wait and then if it had not cleared I was to pick up the second lot of prescribed antibiotic..... if this does not work I'm to go and have swabs..... I have ben googling stds all evening worrying myself.... and a few of the hair that where infected do look a bit like genital herpes .... but I'm unsure as to whether that's just because I have been scratching because its so inflamed and itchy down there at the minute .... any advice or suggestions .. or am I just over thinking ?..... many thanks

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Without a medical examination no-one on here can accurately advise you.

Having said that, it never hurts to get tested.

But then again... this sounds very convincingly like skin irritation. Shaving - blunt razor or not - will irritate the skin and when the hairs grow - or try to grow - back the skin will get even more angry. You are very lucky if you escape shaving in those 'deep places' without getting inflamed and angry skin.

You have typed a lot of detail in (which is good!) but there are things which raise more questions - for example, "I had infected hair follicles so she removed the majority that she could". Removing hair follicles...? I hope not. If it's plucking hairs then you're still annoying the skin.

Patience, and stop panicking.

Final point... the UTI symptoms may be alleviated if you urinate after having sex... ;-)

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Im booking myself into the doctors on tuesdy too see a doctor and have further tests to make sure 100% that im clear as i am worried ... Thing is its not the first time ive been sexually ative with my partner sowith that surely if he had some kind of sti i would have had symptoms earlier on ? I think i may have a razor burn and infected hairs which during sleep are very irritating and i just scratch with out knowing as obviously im asleep .... They are just inflamed hard lumps around the hair ...i am a hairdresser so i know about folliculitous ...: do you have any remedies or anything tou could suggest for pain releif .... Im on antibiotics so i am having a yellow discharge but my medication does say it will ulter the colour of urine etc to a yellow/green shade .... It does not smell either which is a good thing right? I think i may have contracted a yeast infection from taking my antibiotics which would explain the white motlin on the inside of my vagina which wipes away .... Thank you for replying feeling alot better in myself now

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Hello @helpme2308,

I'm **really really sorry** for you about the itchiness, pain, the yellow discharge...

... but, most importantly...

**You are doing the right thing**

A yeast infection needs medical examination (yes, no smell is good) - you're sensible to consider it but even wiser to get it checked out.

Grit your teeth. I know it's painful. Get to the doctor. Tell them not just about the STI worry but the pain and inflammation and the discharge... everything here... the whole picture...

I'm not a qualified medical practitioner so God forbid I recommend any treatments... however... I know the agonising pain you can get from simple skin irritation... I've had skin rashes/folliculitis and - provided it's not **too** intimate an area I got some relief simply from Savlon cream - not immediate, but after a while. I've also used a thin application of lube(!) where friction seemed to be the problem... and a steely reserve NOT to scratch (while awake at least!), or even scratch somewhere unrelated(!!!)...

Actually, I'd love to know myself of any other people's recommendations...

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Its okay no need to apologise its one of those things i guess.... Just very painful .... Im just releived you dont think its an sti because that was my biggest fear.... Ive been bathing in concentrated savlon liquid which helped ease the pain also the water helped to takr aware the soreness ..... Not to hot though because it inflamed the areas more and made it more itchy .... Fingers crossed i jave no sti and it is just a skin irritation that will clear up in some toe

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