should i get tested for herpes?

i have only ever had sex with 1 person, he was my boyfriend for a few years but then we broke up. we met up again a few months ago and had sex, we didn't use a condom. he had had sex with 2 other people in the time that we were broken up but he said he used condoms. the past day i have developed a very sore vulva like a stinging sensation. it doesn't hurt to pee, the stinging comes and goes but it has been getting worse throughout the day and then i noticed a little red patch near the vaginal opening. should i get tested? could it be herpes? is it likely that the boy could have an STI?

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Hi, I would suggest that you go to your local sexual health clinic and get someone to have a look. It may just be irritation but given that he has had two other partners it would be worth making sure it's not an STI.


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