STI Concerns after Mistake

Hello, thank you for fielding my question.

I have been experiencing testicular pressure and mild pain for the past approximately 4-5 days. Additionally, I feel mild pain on the tip of my penis, and have definitely had to frequently urinate small amounts. There is a minor sense of burning when I need to pass urine, but after passing, this feeling lessens, and doesn't exactly burn AS I urinate. I feel as if my testicles have redness and some swelling. They are somewhat tender to the touch, but don't necessarily have extreme pain or anything like that. Anyway, I have been concerned about this feeling.

Also, in the last 2 days or so, I've noticed that I have been feeling more tired/weak, a bit of a sore throat (have had to clear my throat of phlegm and swallow a lot), with some coughing/sneezing, feeling of fever, as well as some inconsistent muscle and joint pain, particularly in the back and knees, and some stiffness in back, neck and chest. And also, I have had an upset stomach, with some feeling of diarrhea. Could these be signs of something more serious?

About 2-3 days prior to the feeling, I had intercourse with a woman. She gave me protected oral initially, then we had protected intercourse, but during the intercourse, I was getting limp, the condom didn't slip off, but it was loose, so we decided to go back to oral. She gave me protected oral for a while after intercourse, and then gave me unprotected oral. It didn't occur to me that her mouth had been on the condom used during intercourse, and then during unprotected oral. During the unprotected oral, I ejaculated into her mouth. Does this cross-contamination pose a risk, since her vaginal fluids may have been in her mouth?

I underestimated the risk of unprotected oral so I did that, but it was an obvious mistake that I do not intend to repeat. I started to worry about the situation shortly after it happened. I felt like I felt some pain and itching earlier, but very minor and not really noticeable, so I waited.

It has been approximately 8 days overall, and the pain has been on and off, sometimes forgotten, but typically I do notice it, with the feeling increasing overall over the past few days. It has resulted in a lot of discomfort. I am hoping it is not an infection, but I wanted to get your professional opinion.

Thank you!

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Does anyone have any input or feedback? Would really like some other opinions or thoughts. Please and thank you!


I would just go get checked out. Tell the doctor what's going on.. Nothing is going to get better till you know for sure what's going on. Hope this helps 9-10 it's your own worry that is worse than what actually wrong.


It's pretty unlikely that you have an STI but do - if in UK - see your local Genito Urinary Clinic


I wouldn't call this professional opinions, it's just an online forum after all. The burning and stuff just sounds like a UTI to me but I know you can have pain passing urine when you get chlamydia (if it is that it's really easily cured so I wouldn't worry too much).

I don't think it's likely the woman passed herself an STI and then gave it back to you but I'm not an expert. I'd just go to a clinic tbh, it's much more informative than asking on here. This shouldn't be your first port of call, the gum clinic should. Be completely honest with them though, they won't judge and will be glad you are there and getting checked than leaving it and possibly spreading stuff to other people! In my experience they're always really nice there... People make mistakes! We've all done it, don't let it worry you. As someone above pointed out, your worrying is probably making it worse than it actually is!


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