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Could this be genital warts?

About 9 years ago I had my first ever smear test and was diagnosed with c3 cells which were removed, I've since had 2 children but since having my youngest 3 months ago I have had a fair amount of itching around the entrance to my vagina. As I have had 3 consecutive doses of antibiotics I thought it may have been thrush and have been using creams to no avail.

I've got itching, vaginal dryness and I'm not sure if the edges of my labia look like they have bubbles on them (I can't see them properly)

I've been with my husband and have been faithful for 7 years and so gas he as far as I know. Could I have the HPV virus without symptoms that have only just been triggered?

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Normally HPV only re-appears if something happens to lower your immune system like diabetes / pregnancy .

The type of HPV that causes changes in the cervix is very different to the HPV which causes genital warts.

Nearly all sexually active adults will meet the genital warts virus at some point in their sexual lives (usually early on). Most have no symptoms and many will clear the virus having never known they have it.

I'd be surprised if your symptoms were down to genital warts, it sounds maybe due to the antibiotics the skin has dried out (and normal lumps and bumps become more prominent).

The only way to really know is to get to your doctors or a sexual health clinic and let them have look. If it's still sore you might actually need a steroid cream so definately get along and see them.


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