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Hi there,

I got diagnosed with genital herpes over 3 months ago and as you can imagine I felt so low and depressed and disgusting etc. I haven't even dated anyone since! I took some vitamins as I told they help but recently stopped and now I've just had another outbreak and it's got me so down. I was hoping I would have one outbreak and that would be it. I'm sitting here thinking I may as well accept I will be alone forever and can never be in a relationship. I'm so upset and I just want to know if they is geniuely anything I can take to prevent outbreaks? And how can I manage to live with this? I'm only 23 and all I want is to actually meet someone I get really jealous when my mates are all loved up.

Thank you

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  • Hi, I am currently in the same situation as you but if it makes you feel any better I am younger, just turned 18 i tursted my boyfriend and this is what happens ey!!!!!!. Lots of vitamins helps stop, and reduce stress levels and the breakouts get less often aas the years go on

  • It's horrible isn't it! I have dated or anything in so long as I'm worried. I got some lysine and something from Holland and Barrett to boast my immune system so I hope it helps. Do you have any to recommend? Yeah I trusted the guy I was with and this is what I got! I just don't even know how I can tell anyone! How long have you had it? Just hope it gets easier. It's been really getting me down. It's nice to speak to someone who's going through it as well x

  • Try take a low dose of aciclovir every day. Anti viral drug. I have been on them 2 years almost... Best thing I ever did!.. Has stopped the outbreaks and means you can live your life without obsessing about it all the time. Also, apparently it is virtually impossible to pass it on to anyone else when you take them long term. The gum clinic sorted it by writing a referral letter to my gp. Get the impression my gp knows far less about this condition than the experts at the clinic. They also told me to take vitamin e daily and have a vit c with zinc dissolvable drink each day. ( the stuff that looks like berocca)

    Sun beds caused an outbreak... Won't go on them any more!

    Sphere web site is good... Honest factual information.

  • Hey, thanks for the help! Been getting a few out breaks now. I've had 3 in about 5 months and I just want to stop stressing about it as it really gets me down. If I go to the clinic and ask to take the medication long term can they defintely do it? Does it have to be your doctor that gives you long term medication? .

  • Your doctor could prescribe the meds if they are informed enough about it. The clinic I was diagnosed at sent me to my doctor with a referral letter explaining what I needed. My doctor had little knowledge of how to deal with it and would not have prescribed it without the input from the sexual health clinic. I got the impression he did not know it was an option to be honest!

  • Hey, if you only had one outbreak then I would envy you. I know it sounds ridiculous but I tend to break out when I'm having a stressful time.. So what I found best was actually finding something I loved doing.. If you enjoy reading or going to the gym then incoperate more of that into your lifestyle and try to stop worrying about little things you have no control over... You should find the less you worry the less you'll break out (trust me I know it's easier said than done) but take lots of vitamins and make sure you are eating/ sleeping properly to ensure your immune system is on top form x

  • It's just so horrible! Having to explain to someone about it when you meet them as well. Can't even begin to think about it! Really gets me down but I'm trying hard not to let it. I take Vitamins so hopefully they will help .. It would be so much better if people just spoke about it a lot more as I can imagine loads of people have it as well. Just makes me feel really dirty and rubbish about myself x

  • If I'm completely honest I have t told anyone, my partner doesn't even know! Luckily we live in different cities now so I make up excuses if I have a breakout. It's not that I have any doubt he wouldn't understand, in fact I know for sure he would be very supportive but I just feel embarressed? And then he would want to talk about it and it sound mad but wouldn't the sexiness die once he knows something's wrong down there?

    My doctor says 6/10 people have the virus, so it's more common than not.. But it is still quite a taboo subject! x

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