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I'm currently at a re-education centre (re-habillitation in English for intensive physio and relaxation in a thermal salt water pool. Went in on Weds pm, is very tiring but hopefully things will improve. I was in the same centre last year to work on my legs and balance and it made a huge difference. This time we are working on legs and balance, arms and trying to do two things at once.

Is this re-education facility available in the UK? It really seems to make a huge difference.- so if not then i really think it should be. I'm living in France.

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  • Lucky you for being in such a centre



  • Hello

    These centres are not available here. We have intense physio which is not the same but better than nothing.

    Take care


  • HI there,

    I have not seen such a center here (Israel) given all the attention to rehab. Maybe my neuro's don't think I warrant it. I was recommended to do hydrotherapy but so far I have not. I am glad you found some relief. N

  • It sounds very soothing. I haven't submerged in water for years, I have showers rather

    than baths.

  • there is the oxford centre of enablement - sorry to contradict other comments. theyve just opened it and its being used alongside the john radcliffe ataxia centre, its a multidisciplinary team - ot, physio, specialist consultant and nurse, dietician, psychologist and others (cant remember off top of my head) but they also do alternative therapy things. theyve invested loads of money into it. hope that helps

  • Hi nikkistowe I have some info. on John Radcliffe Ataxia Centre & need to ask Doctor for a referral.

  • cool i dont know where your based but their doing a talk on the centres at the basingstoke regional conference?

  • I'm based in Spain

  • Most NHS hospitals run Balance courses from time to time. There are many other conditions where coordination and balance are badly effected.

    Anyway a lot of the exercises etc are only common sense .

  • Here in Retford we had a balance class for a few weeks, basically physio for people who have had a stroke. Found it easy (at the time) and the stroke victims were far more disabled than me (then) so it came as a shock to be bracketed with them. Thing is some of them will get better (hopefully) and as an Ataxia sufferer I won't. Mentally difficult to cope with.

  • I reside in the US and am unaware of any such center(s) here. Wish we did have them though, as they sound fantastic! ;o)

  • I was referred to a rehab centre at the end of October and was seen five months later then promised treatments to help including speech therapy ,but as yet I have heard nothing .They were unable to give me any idea of when this would start but I am on the list!!! The usual long wait I suppose

  • Hi Laddie I definately agree with your comments, I live in Spain, Andalucia/Costa del Sol & sometimes feel so isolated.


  • Hi again, I finally have internet access at the centre. I do think would be great if UK did something similar; Maybe new centre at Oxford will be able to help ataxia sufferers. This centre is equiped with drs, nurses and obviously physios and other specialist staff that I dont know how to translate into english.

    The other people here are recovering from hip/knee replacements, other operations, strokes and a few other neuro illnesses too.

    What is difficult is that nearly everyone else is going to eventually get better - even though it may be a long struggle, whereas I m just trying to sustain my mobility;

    It is very tiring and we have already had to reduce my program; but iI can already see the differences it makes;

    Maybe we need a campaign for this in uk - prob not much chance with cutbacks at mo though

  • Hi Wibblywobbly, sounds amazing wow, wish there was one here (Spain)

    Keep on excercising


  • today I saw a speech therapist who could not understand why I have not had help before now she was very pleasant but wether this will lead to any further help I can only hope which I have little of any more

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