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I will be moving to a new flat in the second week of July. Although I am not moving in for a few weeks I am currently renting it as of 1st June. I phoned Social Work the day I started renting it hoping that I might get an OT assessment before I moved in. They came on Thursday, 6 days after I requested the assessment. I was not expecting it to be that quick at all and was extremely impressed! Wouldn't it be great if everything happened that quickly?!?!

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Can't thank the OTs enough for the help they gave to me. Goes to show that there are genuine caring people out there who are always willing to help the less fortunate.

Hope you settle in well Harriet when you move house.


Our Local OT came to our house to do a home assessment 2 days after my Doctor contacted her, the housing OT came out a week later, all the required jobs recommended by the OT were done within 7 days, In the end I still had to move house as some of my requirements could not be carried out in the house I was in, and I was rehoused within 9 months . so there are some councils and local OT's who go all out to help.

Good Luck with the move Harriet


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