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Disability Benefits Centre - Rant coming up -

Disability Benefits Centre - Rant coming up -

I telephoned the Disability Benefits Centre this afternoon to change my address as I am moving home in the middle of next week - one of numerous calls needed.

Guess what? They refused to take my change of address as 'I am too early'! I was told to telephone no more than two days before, or after I have moved.....

The cherry on the cake of course is that I had just spent about 30 minutes waiting on an 0845 number so the cost of the telephone call won't be insignificant.

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Hello Wyndham

There are times when nothing seems to go right. I would have thought it was easy to take a change of address now!!

Take care



Thanks Fifa, you are so right :)


Not so sure about this one Wyndham. What if you had changed your address and an important urgent letter arrived at your new address which you are unable to get access to? Maybe thats why you have to wait until two day before you move?


Hi Iain,

Good point, except that I am actually moving slowly over the five days and would see any letters addressed to me.

Also, I can't imagine anything so urgent that the Disability Benefits Centre might send to me that couldn't wait for a few days. Given that there is Easter weekend in between, post is likely going to be delayed any way.

Thanks for your comment


Most places like banks, DWPA , postoffices etc will not accept your change of address untill you actually move into your new premises, security being one of the reasons and also the possibility of your identity being stolen if the mail should be intercepted by the previous tennant before you actually take up residence, These are the reasons given to me by the bank, DWP when I moved into my bungalow 18 months ago


Hi Razzy,

I actually changed several before I moved, including my bank, driver's licence, car registration, as well as several medical ones.

Maybe my case was slightly different in that I was moving into vacant premises and already had the keys. Perhaps I should have told them I had already moved... That's what you get for being too honest :)


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