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Having filled in the form to renew my badge which runs out mid-August I have had a letter from my local council in regard to it and I have to go for a mobility assessment which I didn't have to have when I got my first badge 3 years ago. I know this has been introduced since then for anyone who doesn't automatically qualify for a badge under their criteria but I am concerned that it may be deemed I can walk too well to have one. My walking has got much worse than 3 years ago and I have more problems with balance but who knows what the assessment may require me to do. Has anyone got experience of one?

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  • Morning....I have a blue badge assessment on Monday with a physiotherapist at our local community hospital. I am also concerned about it ......I can let you know what happens if that's of use x

  • That would be good to hear how it went and what you were asked - I wish you all the best for Monday!

  • Hi there. If you contact your neuro consultant he can get his secretary to confirm your condition in writing and that should cover your problem

    Good luck. Tedjohnson

  • when I had an assessment for th e blue badge I had a to walk down a long corridor in the council offices and she also asked me about my general health and my mobility it was a day when I was really bad so I got the badge without a problem but they are cracking down on people using the blue badge illegally

  • Thanks for telling me what you had to do. I am not very good at walking in straight lines and have to stop to correct my balance often so hopefully that will be enough. My problem tends to be I look well! Until I stand up and move people don't realise I have anything wrong with me.

  • I'm still awaiting the result of my application. I will be most annoyed if I'm turned down and or have to go for an assessment! I do agree that there may be some people who are able to walk without too much difficulty but once again the genuine ones have to suffer unnecessarily. Its bad enough having to be re-assessed for the changeover from DLA to PIP without having to go through another assessment for a blue badge!

  • How long have you been waiting? My concern is that my current badge may run out before the new one is issued which would basically stop me from going anywhere on my own. ( the letter says it can be up to 10 working days for assessors to contact me, then whenever the assessment is, then possibly another 20 days before I hear if the outcome - not good)

  • I was worried about this as well but because it was the second time I did not have a problem as I copied the latest letters from the neuro about my condition and how it was progressing and sent it off. I have done this with everything especially with applying fpr the attendance allowance when really you have to go into great detail about you manage your daily life- quite depressing to have to write it all down as I tend to ignore the problems as much as possible. what I am worrying about now is the DVLA assessment as the car is my legs !!

  • I went for an assessment earlier this year when my badge was due for renewal, and like you, was concerned.

    I was assessed by a neuro physio and she was lovely. At the beginning she explained why I had been called for assessment and that was because I hadn't had one before and the rules had changed.

    Most of the assessment involved answering questions and then at the end I had to go outside and walk a little bit. From that it was obvious to her that I wasn't making it up. She told me straight away my badge would be renewed and I received it within a few days.

    I wish you well and let us know how you get on.

  • Thanks for your answer and I will let you know how it goes when I get my appointment.

  • I re-applied about three weeks ago Tiggywinkles and just today I received a letter telling me I was successful. I didn't need to go for any assessment so that was a relief. They will not issue the badge to me until I pay the £20 fee! Hope all goes well for you.

  • Hi I went for my blue badge assessment was fine .It lasted about 30 minutes in total. I was asked how far I could walk etc .I took some letters from my neurologist so she could read it. At the end I had to walk 40 metres whilst she timed me. Will have to wait and see now. I felt she listened to me so hopefully I should be issued with a badge .

  • Thanks for letting me know how it went, I hope you are successful. Were the letters you took specifically about getting a blue badge? If so, I will contact my GP and consultant for something to take when I get an assessment appointment.

  • Hi the letters were just from my neurologist about my condition. It was a copy of the first letter he sent to my GP. She seemed to find it beneficial anyway.

  • OK, thanks for that. I shall look at all the various letters I have from my consultants and see what each says before deciding what might convey things best.

  • It is now 14th July and having heard nothing about going for an assessment I telephoned my local council to find out what was going on. To cut a long story short, the organisation who do the assessments on behalf of the council haven't received my referral! They said they would look in to it and phone me back. As they didn't come back to me today I shall ring them again tomorrow as my current badge now runs out in just over 4 weeks and seeing how inefficient they have been so far (I applied on 26th June) I don't want to leave it another day. Watch this space!!

  • I was wondering today how you were getting on with the blue badge renewal....fingers crossed it gets sorted quickly. Apparently mine is on its way in the post.

  • Phoned again this morning - they now have my referral! First offered an appointment on 7th August for my assessment (just 9 days before my current badge expires) when I pressed for an earlier appointment there was suddenly a 'cancellation' just come in and I have got it for 24th July. I will report back how it goes.

  • Well, yesterday was the assessment day! What an absolute farce!! She told me her christian name and that she was a trained physiotherapist employed by Dependability Ltd to carry out these assessments on behalf of Devon County Council. She did tell me she knew what FA was which made me think she might have some idea of the problems I have. However, how I managed to keep quiet when I was asked such stupid questions is a miracle. For example, what bearing does who does the cleaning in my house have on being eligible for a blue badge? That is just one of many inane things I was asked. At no point was I asked why do I need the badge, like I need to be able to open the door fully to get out which is impossible in an ordinary car-parking space. Then I was asked to climb a flight of stairs which were wide and with a handrail (again, how is that relevant? I'd already told her I could go up and down stairs in my own home) and walk around a flat path with the assessor. I did tell her that under normal circumstances I could be faced with people coming the other way, uneven surfaces and steps without any rail. All she said at the end of the assessment is that she would submit her report and I would hear in due course from Devon County Council - I do not have any idea what the outcome may be. Maybe I should have said more, but it was making my blood boil having to answer her ridiculous questions that I thought it was better I kept quiet. The final insult was she gave me a survey to fill out at the end which asked how the assessment went - was the assessor polite, etc. - which I had to sign and give back to HER!! Who in their right mind was going to put any negative comments on it when she was going to be able to read it before filing her report on you?! I shall now have to wait and see what the outcome is - I shall report back!

  • That is really daft .....there is obviously no continuity of assessment as I didn't get asked any daft questions . She said at one point do you get breathless at all on walking then said sorry I have to ask but its on the form. I had explained to her how fit I am and have previously been prior to the onset of my ataxia. Fingers crossed for you but I am sure it will be renewed. X

  • Thanks for your reply. My assessor was very reminiscent of the character in 'Little Britain' - "The computer says no!" - not at all friendly and made me feel like I was a fraud asking for this one bit of help to be able to live as normally as I can. I would be completely stuck if I didn't have the badge to be able to park my car more easily as I live in a very isolated location and have to drive to everything. I hope you are right about it being renewed!

  • HOORAY!! I am eligible for a blue badge! Letter came in the post today. Now all I have to do is send a photo of me, copies of documents to prove I am who I say I am and the £10 fee. What a lot of fuss for renewal of my badge, I hope I don't have to go through it all again in another 3 years!

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