Does anyone suffer from short term memory loss?

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  • I do a bit but then I should expect to at my age!!

    I do find that younger people have trouble remembering things too in this technological age of pin numbers, passwords and apps.

    I believe that some ataxias do have memory problems.

  • Hello Iajn

    I do not suffer from short term memory loss, everythiing else but not that!! I do know that it can be a symptom of Attaxia. My friend, who has Ataxia has short term memory loss quite badly.

    I do hope you are well (Ataxia apart).

    Kindest regards


  • It was discovered during cognitive testing that I have a poor short-term memory. The DVLA are waitng for a report from my Neurologist who I believe will determine whether I am competant enough to drive or not. I just hope that this will not affect my chances of having my driving licence reinstated.

    I'm keeping very well thanks Fifa. Hope you are too.

  • Hello Iain

    As I am sure you bave guessed I am Carol but the website would not accept the name. It appears it was already used.

    I am having trouble moving around but am getting there.

    Glad to read you are well

    Kindest regards

    Carol aka Fifa.

    PS Fifa was the name of a much loved cat who died last year..

  • hi, i suffer from short term memory loss. sometimes it can be quite bad but i tend to use the alarm clock on my fone as a memory replacement lol. i have left the dep fat fryer on but fortunately my daughter realised before it became a problem but it can be quite embarrassing in shops and such x

  • I'm forever walking into the kitchen to get something and when I get there I forget what I was supposed to be looking for. I remember once going into the kitchen and coming back out with a packet of crisps. I looked at the packet and said to myself, 'what have I got these for?'. I then remembered that I initially intended to take paracetamol for a headache!!! I also look in the fridge sometimes but don't know what I'm looking for. I always end up laughing about it though.

  • lol, i am exactly the same and laughing about it really helps. one of the really annoying things is when i start talking about or asking for something and the words just disappear on holiday or somewhere, its like playing charades lol. most family and friends are quite good at interpreting now tho :)

  • I also have short term memory loss but it's funny & frustrating haha


  • Went into a shop the other week and asked for two dried rolls. When I got back home my wife asked who the rolls were for? I said, 'I don't know. You asked for them?' She said, 'no I didn't! I asked you to get a paper!' How I got mixed up by getting dried rolls instead of a paper is beyond me!!!

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