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Does anyone suffer from hand cramps?

I've been having problems with cramps in my hands from time to time. My car has been adapted to hand controls and I use a steering ball to control the steering. Not sure if this is the reason but I had a couple of bad moments last night while out driving. When my hand cramps I can't control the steering at all and have to stop immediately no matter where I am on the road.

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My hands are often cramped when I wake up. This seems odd

because I always lie on my back, so there's no possibility of

having stopped the circulation.

Ian, perhaps your GP could help with medication for this?

Otherwise, if it were me, I'd be extremely worried as far as

safety is concerned. At the very least you could end up

stranded somewhere. xB


I do agree with you on safety. This was my reason for surrendering my drivers licence a few years back before getting it back again after I was assessed for using hand controls. I think the GP is the best bet. I hate having to bother my doctor though.


Hi Iain

I think you know what I will say to this. Never never never worry about bothering the doctor. It is infinitely more sensible to go to your doctor than sit at home worrying about something, particularly when that something might compromise yours and someone else's safety.


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Don't think of it as bothering him Ian, you need peace of mind.

Otherwise you won't enjoy driving will you? xB


I have a question how would you feel if you were involved in an accident? And coming from an ex mechanic I know how hard stopping driving is but if you had seen the mangled results your concences would kick in.


I lived for driving but stopped over 2 year's ago not for me but the safety of others. It turned out to be the best thing I ever did never been so happy got myself a scooter call it madge mobile been places not been for years.Go to Netherlands to see granddaughter great no hills .its not the end of the world


I have to admit that the safety of others was my reason for giving up my licence the last time. I'm just very upset that I may have to do it again. If I do it will be for good. Doctor it is then. Just hope I can be given something to prevent it from happening again thus keeping my licence?


Dear Lain25, Yes, I agree with Beryl, see your physician! I email my neurologist to ask a question once in a while, and he's very pleasant (I'd get another one if he wasn't...,ha!). I occasionally have hand cramps (while trying to sleep, keyboarding on my laptop, carrying something heavy, etc.) although NEVER while driving. Yes, I still drive and have not had my steering adapted. So far, I consider myself a safe driver, as I would stop driving immediately if I thought I was a danger to anyone else or myself. Yes, hopefully your physician can give you something to help the cramps! My best to you..., ;o)


Thanks for all your replies. I managed to get an appointment to see my doctor who sent me to the nurse to have a full blood count done. One blood sample was also taken to check for magnesium. He showed me some finger excerises which I found rather difficult to do which he said was because of my ataxia.


Had results back and all blood tests were okay


Not wishing to harp on about organic turmeric but I have had trouble with hand cramp every so often and take a turmeric and it goes. This might just work for me : )

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