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Well I've finally done in, I handed my notice in, am taking early retirement at 58. I was diagnosed with Ataxia about 12 years ago. I had 2 boys and didn't work till 40 odd so have worked 18 years and I'm tired. I know from posts on here a lot of you are still working and I wish you well but my partner and I are both leaving and are going to spend whatever time we've got left together. No more getting up in the morning 2 hours before work just to feel ok, to give me chance not to feel as wobbly. No more going to bed early to feel ok for work the next day. No more fitting visiting my mum round holidays from work. No more stumbling and walking into walls and the photocopier.

Just as an after thought do any of you have advice on the bath/shower situation? I can no longer use the shower and have problems getting out of the bath. I can in with one leg but have trouble getting the other leg in. Once in I have problems getting out. I've just tried the suction bath grips.....not for me. Anyone use a bath board? Any good? Let me know. Best wishes to all.

Louise xx

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Hi Louise...... contact your local Social Services, ask for an Occupational Therapist to visit you at home,tell her/him your problems, and they will tell you what is available to help you.

I approached my local council to change my bathroom to a shower room, an occupational therapist came out last week, after going through everything, she told me there is a one year waiting list for conversions, but there is equipment to help me in the meantime..... I’m getting a bath seat that rises up and down in the bath by a battery...... good luck!

When you finally retire, it will feel like a heavy weight has lifted from your shoulder....enjoy your retirement my lovely.

Don. 😀👍

Thanks for the comments Don. I went to see my consulant last month and am waiting for a visit from the OT for bath help. I read your post the other day and knew you were having to wait a year. Do you think I'd get the bath seat you're getting? I'm sure it would help how does it work regarding you getting in the bath? I'm hopeless at getting in the bath but worse getting out .I'm a hazard.

Louise ( how's your wife?)

Louise....... you step into bath, sit on seat, and with your husbands help, lower the seat into the bath by a switch which runs on a battery..... no need to worry about water/electricity interaction...... it doesnt look comfortable, but the OT says it does the job, lowers you into bath, you wash, and it lifts you up out of bath water unless you empty water out😀

My wife is much improved thank you.


Thanks for your comments Don. Hope this works for you, let me know when you get it and how you get on.


Hi, Yep I use a bathboard and have had 2 grab rails fitted (O.T. sorted this out) helps when standing up from a sitting down postition on the bath board to getting under the shower, give it a go! Dont like the bath seat that rises, looks cumbersome, think it all depends where you live for the bathroom grant, the walk in shower is not means tested but if you want a wet room it is, a wet room is not reccomended to be installed upstairs.

Hope you get something sorted

Thanks for your comments, luckily we live in a bungalow.


Gosh, we would love a bungalow, but not many around, and they are pricey! Apply for a wet room, definately! A bonus

I'm very lucky to have a bungalow thanks for the advice, am going to see how Don gets on with his bath gizmo but will still keep a bathboard in mind.

Louise xx

I have a bath lift with hand shower and find it very safe. I have tried wet room but feel safer in bath tub. Wishing you a happy retirement x

Thanks Patsy xx

Enjoy your retirement Louise. I too was walking into objects and the photocopier at work but now I am a lady of leisure. My husband helps me in to and out of the bath and I will soon need a wet room.... Cx

in reply to Staggy1

Thanks for your post. I find if my partner helps me out of the bath I still feel as if I'm slipping. I am better (not safer) getting out on my own although it takes total concentration. I've got to find a safe way to get out of my bath. I can't wait to retire :-)

Louise xx

Every time I see your name on your post Louise, it reminds me of my daughter....... Louise is her second christian name( My choice). 😀

All the best people are called Louise :-)


And Don of course :-)

lol Xx 😘

Have you got a shower over your bath? Use the bath board!

For any home improvements you do and pay for, if you need it (or any part of it) for health reasons (eg walk in shower, grab rails, wet room, shower seat, taps with arms rather than turning taps) your builder/installer will do it VAT free.

Thanks for the advice :-)

Reply to weegiz 12345,

I am 66 now and I retired at 58. I was an early childhood special education teacher. I I was getting harder to handle 2 classes of 11 kiddos, plus all the paperwork. I have EA 2/SCA 6 and the Ataxia was kicking in a lot.

Thankfully my wife 2nd grade teacher retired a year later to help me. We also have the Cleveland Clinic here in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. They have a great Ataxia program.

Keep a stiff upper lip.

😉 Good luck. Find hobbies!

Thanks for your post. I've got lots of hobbbies and friends to meet for lunch so should be well sorted. I still find it hard to believe someone from USA can read my posts.


All the best in your retirement. Enjoy your life!

Thank you :-)

Thanks for the well wishes :-)

Louise xx

Hi Louise

I was diagnosed with cerabellum ataxia in 2007 and worked as a kitchen asistant until 2010 when I had an axident with a pan of boiling water, I was getting worst as I was working long hours and then I would have an hours bus ride to and throw and it was taking it's toll. There was a few more incedents afterone I remember was with sarp knives (very dangourise) that's when I discused giving up work for my saftey and for my work mates (they all knew my history and gave me their full suport, but I was worryed about what I would live on, but with the help of Ataxia UK I managed to get PIP (well recomended) as for bath I found I could get one foot in but thenn struggled so made the dicision to get a shower fitted in place of the bath, I have now trouble getting in and have a seat in there so I can site down, Now I get very tired in the afternoons and sometimes have to take a nap.

All the best with your retirment enjoy!!!

Hi Barry thanks for your reply. I work as an admin ass where I’m sat on my bum all day but find it harder and harder getting up. I want to leave work before things get worse and I can still do a bit. I’ve got pip and if I didn’t wouldn’t be able to retire. Are you still working? I have a shower cubicle and bath. I can’t use the shower now and it’s getting harder using the bath. Like lots of folk on here have trouble getting up from the floor and now getting out of bed. But you have to keep going although it would be easy to give up. Take care

Louise xx

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