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Getting up off the floor

I think most of us on this site have problems getting back up off the floor, and if like me you are prone to falling over then we end up on the floor more often than we want to!! ;)

I want to share with you all my technique for getting up again. I did find this method on a web site but as i can no longer find it I shall do my best to explain:

Roll over so that you are on your hands and knees

Place your hands flat very firmly on the floor

Bring one knee up, so you are on the front of that foot

Put your weight on your hands and push your bum up into the air, and allow your other leg to come up

Now you have one leg bent and one leg nearly straight

As your bum goes higher into the air, move your other leg forward towards your hands

Now you have your weight on the front of your feet and your hands

Tip gently back so that your feet are flat on the floor, at the same time walk your hands backwards towards you. Your hands will no longer be flat on the floor but they must keep you steady

Now you will be standing bent over with your hands gently on the floor

Bring your hands up slowly and straighten yourself up

Et Voila!!!!

I hope that i've explained this well enough and that you can follow it. Please do try it and do let me know if anyone has any problems or questions.

This is not an elegant movement, but it means you can get up without depending on someone else or another object

Good luck


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Thanks Alison😊

I almost needed this technique earlier😏

I was stepping outside to sit in the sun and trying to multitask.

Stupid idea but there you go😏 Coffee in one hand, book under arm,

plate in the other hand, hat on askew and wearing reading glasses😐

Common sense had left the building..

On the doorstep I tottered and swayed, I could have gone either way....

Fortunately for me the gods were smiling, I won't be doing that again😥xB

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Well done for not actually falling. I fell over yesterday evening watering the plant pots - not even sure how or why I went over. Oh well I'll have a few bruises coming up soon.

Just one of our ataxia hazards 😉


I was taught a similar technique at rehabilitation. It may be better if when you fall flat to wriggle over to a couch, chair or table and place hands on top. Then make the maneuver (on tummy or front) as you describe by bending one knee upstraight and pressing on your hands to help lift your whole body up.

To get in the bath I use a seat turntable item which I place on the toilet seat (which is right next to the edge of the bath). I sit on it and swivel myself round lifting my legs up and over into the bath. I have a grab rail attached to the wall which I grab hold of and pull myself up with one hand and at the same time press my other hand on the rim of the bath to steady myself. I am then able to lower myself down onto one knee, turn round and sit. Similar to as you describe I reverse the technique to get back out.


Thanks for sharing. I don't know about you, but when I fall seems to be flat on my back! Often takes me a few minutes to recover before I can even start to get up!!


Good advice, Alison! I fell getting out of the car in the garage (lost my balance) the other day, and it was all my husband could do to get me back on my feet. And he's a tall, strong guy! Oh the hazards of ataxia...,ha! Next time (I keep hoping there won't be a next time, but there always is ;o( ), I'll try your technique! Infact, I think I'll practice it by getting down on the floor slowly and getting back up onto my feet on my own! Thank you..., ;o)


Good idea to practice first. Good luck


Thank you for this plan! I have only fully lost my balance falling backwards, and I have felt real embarrassment because of the upturned beetle look! This will help me recover my dignity and allow me to get up a little more gracefully! Thank you!


ThanQ for sharing. I wish to know these techniques earlier. After reabilitation I have some troubles in coordination so I asked to establish in my toilet and bathroom grab rails (ordered it from and the workers came and made all work). It has helped me a lot in that time.

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