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UK Disabled Facilities Grant

I’ve recently started to use a wheelchair almost full-time after a series of falls. An occupational therapist has recommended a Disabled Facilities Grant to fund the construction of internal and external ramps to aid mobility and getting around generally. I contacted my Local Authority who explained the Grant Application process and kicked things off by asking me to complete a ‘Provisional Test of Resources’ form - which I did. I received a reply telling me I need to pay more than £2000 towards the cost of the work - more than twice our savings (having just fully funded a walk-in shower). They explained that they had no discretion in the determination of the personal contribution which is set by Central Government. I asked if I could see the formula they use and was told it was too complicated for me to understand.

I’ve looked on Google but can’t find any reference to a formula - does anyone know how the council arrive at the grant applicant's contribution.

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Hi poweruser. Dont know the formula used but seems they have tried to 'brush' you off. Have you tried calling Scope (free on 0808 800 3333


This is a confidential helpline and may be of further help for you. From what I have read, the first £6000 of savings and benefits are not taken into account for the means test.

Good luck



Thanks for the suggestion, Scope say that I am very much entitled to see the council calculations and that while they are correct in saying that the policy is dictated by Central Government it is interpreted and implemented by council's. I've already requested details and look forward to seeing and reviewing their assumptions.

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Good luck..:)


I must have had 3 UK Disabled Facilities Grants from my local council. SLDC. UK Disabled Facilities Grant is means tested. Too much saving and your contribution goes up. I heard somewhere that rather than put you in long term care, they will fund adaptions to your home to £30,000. At £500 care per month that is only 5 years.

I had no savings when UK Disabled Facilities Grant applied for, well that is what I told them, and it was true then.

I now have a wet room (£3300), ramp (£5500) and stair lift (£1300). The UK Disabled Facilities Grant application has changed. One page instead of several pages. OT recommended all these to start the ball rolling.

The only provisos are that I do not sell the house within 5 years and I am responsible for their maintenance. The stair lift came with 2 years warranty.

There are 2 funding streams. UK Disabled Facilities Grant for BIG things, and home help (your council will name it differently) for little things. With home help, grab handles front and back and in wet room, bulb changed in outside light and bannister for front steps.

Not sure why how UK Disabled Facilities Grant contribution is set. Your partners income and savings might influence outcome.


What you've said totally bears out what I've found out since my original posting. Except that the means test is equally dependent on income, every pound above the allowance attracts an applicant contribution, in my case, nearly £40 per pound of income (I only have a very modest occupational pension and no savings). My contribution was originally assessed at over £2000, but I'm challenging the assessment on the basis they used a before tax income figure, just taking the small amount of tax into account reduces the contribution liability by over £800.

The means test form doesn't specify whether income should be before or after tax, I guess this is 'a trap for young players' - or at least relatively young.


Hi Poweruser.......I was recently supplied with an electric wheelchair by the RAF because I am an RAF Veteran, but they said I couldn’t have the chair until my local council put in a ramp for me to access my back garden so I could get the chair recharged.... anyway the council sent out contractors and it took them a week to dig up front path and lay in a ramp for me, at no time did they asked me for money and none have I paid.

Don. 👍😀

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I guess the RAF Benevolent Fund covered any contribution that may have been required. Did you have to fill-in any means test paperwork ?


I did not have to fill in any paperwork at all. 😀


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