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The China Study

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Hi All, I have recently bought the above book and it seems that dairy products are bad for us along with animal food products, the book suggests we eat plant foods. Although ataxia isn't mentioned MS & Parkinsons is.

Along with Cerebella Atrophy I have been diagnosed with anti-Purkinge antibodies does anyone else have any knowledge of this? Jacqui

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I'm glad someone finally has written proof,I watched a documentary about this and have since cut down on my dairy intake,although it's very hard to give it up altogether..

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ninotchka in reply to benning

I too, have stopped eating dairy (and gluten and soy) I just figured that since dairy is inflammatory, try going without. I must confess, though, after 6 months, I see/feel no changes. I will keep going for a full year. Also, non-dairy cheeses are really quite good. I drink almond milk and it actually tastes better than cows' milk. I make it myself.

I don't have any knowledge of your conditions. I have coeliac ataxia. However we changed to plant based eating 3 years ago 100% overnight. The health benefits have been excellent. My husbands bad arthritis disappeared within 3 weeks. He has also lost 5st. He wasn't huge to start with. Our GP was amazed and we bought her Dr Michael Greger How not to die an easier read than the China study. She is not 100% compliant and her husband said he would rather die but she does recommend the book to her patients! I like the work of Dr John McDougall website and YouTubes. There are numerous other Drs Ornish,Klapper.Goldhamer.Lisle etc. Good films that are health related are Forks over Knives and What the Health Netflix and YouTube. When dairy is removed from your diet you will have withdrawal symptoms casein acts on same brain receptors as opiates. There is a good talk by Doug Lisle and Alan Goldhamer and book The Pleasure trap. If you need help look at the Veganuary website.

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Jacqui-A in reply to jill55

Jill55, thank you very much you have. Obviously done a lot of research and have a lot of knowledge

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