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Mindfulness colouring helps me with stress

Hello all .

When I saw my consultant on Thursday she mentioned I could try doing some

mindfulness colouring to help me with my anxiousness .

I bought this colouring book at Tesco and have really enjoyed doing it .

Plus bought some pens (60) of them for plenty of colour choices .

Its relaxes my mind and I concentrate on the colouring instead of fretting

or feeling worried or anxious .

I hope it can as an idea or suggestion help many others here ?


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Guess what Anna, I looked at these last week in WHSmith!

After much faffing about, I actually bought a Galt Stained Glass colouring book,

from the children's section :-) I enjoy colouring in, it's therapeutic :-) xB

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Great idea, Anna! I'm going to try that! I'm glad it's working for you and thanks for sharing! Hugs..., ;o)

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HI, Anna29

I have always done colouring, My son had a lot of books when he was younger

and I used to buy them for my niece, then I have ended up doing them all. I have still got some doodle/pattern books that are not full, they are fun to do. you can stop when you get fed up or tired, then finish them some other time. some of my friends and my son laugh, but I enjoy it.

Marion x

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This mindfulness colouring art for adults is turning into a craze now I believe .

Thousands of adults all over the UK are turning to colouring art as a stress buster

and reliever .

Commuters on trains/buses/taxi's plus -

Pressurised workers having work targets to reach and demands .

Are more frequently seen in their lunch and break times 'chilling out' colouring art work in .

Rather than eating more through stress etc ...

I cant stop doing my mindfulness colouring - I Love it actually .

Just bought another art colouring book and more felt tips and glitter pens .

I get a real feeling of satisfaction whilst calming influence over me doing these .


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