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Pepper Spay in eyes-help needed

I'll try to make this as short as I Can. So recently went to visit cousins. We regularly go on walks-I use a walker. We made it around the block and a guy with a balaclava assaulted us and sprayed a chemical in our eyes, I put my hand up to stop the spray getting in my eyes but i could.feel a lot inside eyes at the moment-fully blinded. My eyes have now healed up but not my hand I can feel a burning sensation and hands feeling weeker everyday, tasks when using hands like washing dishes my hand aches and feels weak- this doesn't happen to the other hand. I want the hand to be normal and not be weak it's making my walking harder and I don't use walker much, I just don't want my hand to ache it's making things much harder... someone please help me

Doctors have gave tablets they havent done much... someone please help me with this problem I'm going through.

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Hope you got my email and introduction to X.

Send me an email when you can so I know you got it and then you guys can chat and I’ll chip in with my software suggestions for you!

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I did not get an email...


Sorry for your bad luck. I have no great ideas but it sounds like this problem will abate. after all eyes are more fragile. maybe a hand specialist can help. My daughter saw one years ago after she smashed her pinky on glass; The surgery took over 2 hours. indeed hands are complex. Old fashion tips:Frozen cucumber peels or vinegar. xx n

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Thanks for letting me know what you think and trying to help !


Hi Illerpath

Wrote this morning and will forward x’s email to you. Might be in your Spam or Trash box but I’ll do a resend.

Hope you are felling a bit better. Cant have been easy. X is not too grand either but he has said he will write to you when hes a bit stronger.

In the meantime, you can tell me more about things, and how you are coping. I hope I can help a bit.



Is X called Dain? Thanks for taking you're time to write this, I hope that you're boy feels better and I will drop you a message on this.


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