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travelling on public transport

i had an embarassing episode on my local bus i was in the disable space i use a rollater (3 wheeled) and someone got on with a buggy large one as there was already one buggy on but still space the driver told me to move and fold up my walker i said im in disabled space he said i didnt count as disabled and i should fold my walker getting on and off bus and i tried to explain i need it upright for my balance he was quite nasty with his manner and as i dont get out much it has put me off using buses but if i dont use them i wont get out

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that is disgusting. if i were you i would be writing a letter to the bus company involved and explaining how embarrasing this was. you had every right to be in a disabled space and it should have been the pram folded up, not your mobility equipment.


I totally agree with nana23 it is hard when you don't look to bad but the rollater should have given the driver a clue so write a snotty letter to the manger of the bus company and threaten him with legal [under the dda] action and watch him s***t himself you had no choice but the mother most likely did have a choice about getting pregnant you will get an apology and a change in the way people treat us, and by the way bus drivers in my area are totally sympathetic so perhaps someone has already done it in my area.


I think it´s VERY important that you don´t let the bus company get away

with that.

Maybe the bl.... driver doesn´t know how to treat properly handicapped people.


I am appalled and saddened by your experience. Try not to let it stop you from going out: it is so important to remain mobile as long as you can.

This is where I would hope that Ataxia UK would help; by providing more publicity and, offering assistance to 'glossy' in writing a complaint.

Things like this will continue until there is far greater public awareness. I don't claim to have the answers, but feel sure publicity is part of it.


"Wyndham" & "jpa" write "This is where I would hope that Ataxia UK would help" --- " you will get an apology and a change in the way people treat us, and by the way bus drivers in my area are totally sympathetic so perhaps someone has already done it in my area."

But; who complains ??


Deffo put in a complaint. You were on the bus first so shouldn't have to move. Of it had been the other way about the mother wouldn't have been asked to move her pram. Put in a complaint :)


have done but up to now not had a reply


Hello dear Harriet,

a German friend - suffering from Ataxia (SCA) as well- is a member of a German


I had a look at that site´s forum

Obviously, the site´s webmaster has structured the forum which makes it

much easier when searching for comments on say "SCA and public transport"

People can leave a comment WITHIN a (prescribed) heading only.




Hi Gossy,

I hope by now you've received an apology from the bus company. They really

should educate their staff on how to use common sense to deal with situations,

and be polite. Don't let that incident stop you from being out and about! I

would probably be better with a Rollater, I'm great in the supermarket with a

trolley. Re a local Ataxia Group - I know one meets in Gosforth, in a pub on the

High St. I haven't been myself but the contact info is available from Ataxia.


i didnt recieve a reply never mind an apology and as i dont like making a fuss im still nervous getting on buses but as my walking is getting worse my husband took me out on bus in wheelchair the other day and i must admit the drivers were more helpful though i dont want to rely on wheelchair all the time .i know about group in gosforth but its to far to travel as i only manage about an hour out every couple of days


Hi Gossy!

It's good to hear you've had a better response from bus drivers.

I haven't been to the group meeting in Gosforth because it's held in the evening

and that's when my energy levels are at their lowest. Also, at this time of year

when it's dark early on, walking outdoors is a big no-no !


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