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How many on here getting hit by Bedroom Tax/benefits cuts in UK?

I'm wondering how many of us are been hit by this new Bedroom Tax in UK?

Having to pay some of council tax also and DLA been scrapped?

Are you paying BT? planning to appeal? waiting or expecting to be moved?

With the NHS also been privatised how many of us are going to be able to afford to keep up physio, buy Assistive tech, wheelchairs?, pay for our help whether thats just needing a cleaner/gardener or a full time PA?

I have been told I won't get funding for another communication aid when my Lightwriter breaks down (funded in 2008). I have iPad but Apple are not interested in allowing third party hardware so will only be a cheaper viable option for those who retain the ability to use their hands well.

One main issue for us even if we are not interested in computers that much is been able to use a phone to call for help (if we fell etc) or even just been able to get on here or FB to talk to someone if you're on your own all day. ..hard to do if you can't use hands well or afford to pay £200+ for adapted joysticks etc.

I will be researching more affordable options over the next few months and things like appealing the Bedroom Tax, your legal rights etc if people think this will be helpful? Any research will be posted on Living With Ataxia site or my own blog.


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Hi Kati I have some saveings so I have to pay council tax at the moment although I get the single ocupent discount and don't get housing benefit so no bedroom reduction but as I understand it if there are no alterations DLA will not be changed untill october 2015 for exhisting claiments, and in my area [the midlands] the tests are being carried out by capita not atos and they claim that where possible tests will be caried out by someone experince of the claimant's medical conditions 50% of the asessments will be done at the claiments home. I hope this puts peoples minds at rest I know it helped me after seeing the c4 documentry but knowing my luck capita will be as bad as atos


I thought everyone on esa and dla will be re assesed for P.I.P. before October 2015. I hope sincerely I am wrong and you are right. Not sure I can go through all that stress again.. sue


Hi Sue

Anyone who receives a DLA for an indefinite period or for life will not be reassessed for PIP until 2015. However if your award expires before then and you need to re-apply you would apply for the new PIP benefit.

Hopefully you have been awarded DLA indefinitely or for life!



I have a 3bed home so I will be hit by losing 25% of my housing benefit. Not sure how much that will be in £'s yet as my council have not written to me.


Hi Katilea

I have to pay £70 now in Council Tax and Bedroom Tax. Shame really, Adult Social Care have allowed me 4 hours a week to access the community but I don't think I'll be able to afford to go anywhere now!!.........Back to bed...........


I am pretty much housebound other than been able to get around my village on a mobility scooter but local shops aren't accessible and I haven't the balance to get off, walk in with stick and carry shopping back out. I can only get to field and back then transfer back to wheelchair in my hallway. Occasionally I go to Asda which is bit further but I find that difficult to deal with with loads of people milling around me and the flourescent lights are so bright. So I tend to shop online and get everything delivered which is cheaper than wheelchair taxi into nearest town (£25).

With 2 dogs to walk 2-3 times a day usually I don't often have the energy to go anywhere else and I'm trying to train my pup (currently 8 months old) to help me around the house as eldest (age 12yrs) has arthritis and is showing signs of dementia.

It's been quiet here as pup had surgery friday so he can't go out and eldest dog has been struggling with her hips so she's having to go on metacam..village vets is not wheelchair accessible and they charge me for home visits so its been an expensive week! I'm hoping to claim the metacam on dogs insurance if the trial month goes well but neither of their insurances cover routine vaccinations, home visits or neutering!

The council tax was just over £200 and I can't remember what the arrears of BT was from beginning of April to last friday, but my 'chair fund' is going down rapidly so it won't be a standing chair. I was hoping to get chance to save up as need new iPad to continue using my communication app which will have to come out of that too.

Have neighbours complaining about state of my garden (overgrown) but what I used to use to pay a gardener has gone to pay BT arrears & council tax! So it's gonna have to be a cheap basic second hand power chair just to get in GP's as they only do home visits for emergencies and if you miss so many appointments they discharge you ,same for neuro at hospital!


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