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Have you joined an Ataxia UK branch or a support group in your area?If there isn't one would you like to help me set one up?

Joining a branch or a support group can help to alleviate the isolation often felt by people with ataxia. They are ideal places to share your issues and concerns and to support each other. We have over 50 groups across the country now and the more we have the more we can raise awareness of ataxia and influence the services and care for people with ataxia.

Setting up a branch is not as difficult as it sounds and i am there every step of the way to offer support and guidance.

Branches do a variety of things the most important being the support they offer as well as raising awareness, fundraising for Ataxia UK and social events. Branches can even apply for external funding to help their own members such as hiring a mini bus to take people to Ataxia UK's annual conference or offering their members a grant for items that will improve their quality of life.

If you would like to set up a branch in your area please let me know. The more branches we have locally the more we can help people with and affected by ataxia and the more we can raise that all important awareness of ataxia! Contact me now and lets get a branch set up in your area!

Thank You.

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part of the Ispwich and Colchester support group, also I keep meaning to go to the Essex support group buit their meetings are a little to late for me!


I go to the ataxia uk Gloucester/Worcester group I find it good to talk with people who have the illness as me. We all have a laugh together x


What is the best support group in north London for the Barnet, Cockfosters, Southgate, Enfield area?

Unfortunately I seem to be the only one in this area, so I will probably have to travel a bit to find a group. Somebody suggested the Northwest London group, but they are not easy to get to by public transport. Going across outer London never works terribly well.

Any groups meet near the Northern Line (north of the river), or the Piccadilly line?



We have another 2 groups in London see the details on Ataxia UK's website and we will be setting up a 4th group in south east London soon.

If these other groups are still too far for you - what about setting a group up?



Hi there. It seems that this information is secret as I couldn't find any details on the website, apart from a guide which is what the support groups are about. I couldn't find any listing of support groups.

Maybe the information is only visible to staff?


oh dear i do apologise i will check this out now for you. I know our website has had some maintenance so this could perhaps be the reason the info is not there.



Ain't life just grand? :)

No urgency please.


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