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Research trial for SCA3 patients

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Dear all,

An ongoing research trial is urgently calling for patients with SCA3 to participate.

This trial is being conducted across Europe and the UK to create a database of brain-imaging scans, standardised clinical

assessments and blood samples from patients who have SCA3. This database will contribute towards a natural history study that assesses how the conditions of patients with SCA3 progress over time, helping to design clinical trials and assess treatments.

The Ataxia UK accredited Specialist Ataxia Centre at the National Hospital for

Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, led by Dr Paola Giunti, is the UK site for this trial and they are urgently looking for more SCA3 patients to take part.

If you would like to get involved in this study and help design effective treatments for ataxia in the future, then please get in touch with the researcher Hector Garcia at

You can read a little more about the trial at our website:

Many thanks everyone!

Ataxia UK

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Dear S Marley,

I am already involved in the study being done in Portugal. They have done all sorts of tests, filmed everything and took blood samples. I am expected to be called agai shortly. I hope it helps.



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