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Spa Day

I have SCA7, am blind and in a wheelchair, and have speech and dexterity difficulties. However, one of my close friends is donating an amount of money to allow me and my daughter, who also has inherited SCA7 off me and is only 27 whereas I am 63, to go for a spa day. I am unable to find anywhere locally that can cope with my issues. I live in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, and would welcome any suggestions or help you can give on this.

Thanks, Tricia

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One suggestion is to contact a retirement village with a pool. They are geared to people with disabilities.

I do hope you are successful.

Best wishes

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😊 Hi Patricia,

We could all benefit from a bit of pampering😉

I googled 'spa breaks for wheelchair users in Hertfordshire' and there were several links re being accessible.

I hope you enjoy a lovely treat😊xB


Ok I actually know about this one!

My sister in Australia sent my daughter and I a voucher for our local spa (bit pricey otherwise). We used Malvern and I have put a link below. Apart from the doors being a bit of a struggle (folk are normally kind and hold them but just ask for an assistant) it is very good. The disabled shower and loo are easy, for changing. You cannot get in pool without help on steps but you can use all the saunas/turkish bath and we had a foot and back massage - so nice! We had food there too - bit slow but good.

Not sure if you are interested but someone more local might be.

Carer is free if you remind them ad so we persuaded my husband to drive us and he got me down the pool steps.

If you can afford it they have a hotel attached or you could stay in a local cheaper place.

It is a bit of a drive but my son and his girlfriend live in Berkhamsted and if the motorways are clear it takes him (he goes unto M42).

Hope this helps someone : )

The Malvern Spa - themalvernspa.com/spa/

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Hi TriciaSo sorry the Hatfield Ataxia group disbanded,we used to meet you

and Clive there,I've tried to contact him,must have an incorrect email address.Hope you both enjoy your spa day Good luck!Regards P& J


Hi P&J, I have sent you a private message. Love Tricia x


Why r u blind/?? from the ataxia? Or something else? I don't live in the uk so Im not much help re a spa but Google is a good idea. The place in Malvernne also sounds good. In the Eastern USA, Malvern is near the coast on the Rockaways..at least it was.. You r super brave 4 doing this.. I tend to stay home and avoid dramas.


Thank you for all the responses I had. I am going to try some of the suggestions. Hopefully I'll have some luck. Thank you.