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Since the 5th November 2015 I have been waiting for a home assessment, I was told that I should get one as I am entitled, I fought through an ESA appeal last year that took 5 months on trying to live on £220 per month, really is not possible, every step of the way I have listened to crap phone calls that tell me I will get my home visit, the last was 10th April that said I would get my assessment this month, it is rapidly running out and nothing. I would love to hear from anyone that has had to go through this process. I am so angry as not only does it mean that they have withheld benefit but also the help that goes along with it. I have only managed to keep my head above water because I have a caring family and a credit card, they should not get away with this. Oh and I have complained, but every time I do this it just puts me further down their list!

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Hi DeniseLB

Is your home assessment for PIP?



Hi Harriet,

No I have been through the PIP assessment and they do seem to care, without their help I would have folded a long time ago. It is the basic DWP appointment that should have happened within 14 weeks.

I am just angry so I guess I am just venting.



Hi Denise,

a friend of mine had similar problems. In the end she wrote to her MP and they intervened and she had all her benefits reinstated. Its awful that you should have to resort to this but it worked for her!

All the very best.


Hi and thank you, I already got the local MP involved but parliament has now dissolved so nothing for a while. They hopefully will be my ace card if I ever get a visit and want to try and get back payment for benefit. I am angry as I really want to have help to work. Because they have not helped me they have deprived me of £5,000 of benefit. Sorry it is not all about money, but to get to the nearest help to where I live is going to cost me a round trip of £50.00 and I remain stuck in the house.


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