A few weeks ago my PT suggested trying hydrotherapy to see if any progression in my general condition could be achieved. After years of being on dry land I decided to take on the challenge. Once I found myself in the water I initially thought it to be quite nice but once I started to attempt to walk in the water something weird happend. As I was walking my body started to shake uncontrollably. When I swim I have no problems. My body does not shake on dry land. I was very surprised to experience this and I have no idea how to explain this. Does anyone have a clue? Does this sound familliar? Wil it get better as I keep trying?

I haven"t been diagnosed for very long and I really find it kind of scary how unpredictable my body can be at times. I'm still trying to adjust and get used to my 'new' body.

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  • Hi😊 I don't swim myself but I recall comments from friends. Some people find they veer off to one particular side, instead of swimming straight ahead.🤔

    I would imagine that actually walking through the water could make a person with ataxia feel unsteady, even shake. But, that's a personal observation based on my own ataxia😊xB

  • I have not experienced the shaking in water only on land when stressed. I used to love swimming but got very scared. I am very lucky and have a neuro-phsiotherapist who helped me enjoy the water again. I look silly but I have an inflatable collar and a couple of water dongles (very popular with kids and grown-up daughter lol).

  • Hi Litty

    My husband used to enjoy swimming on a regular basis but since his severe swallowing difficulties, Ive persuaded him not to go.

    Does the inflatable collar stop the intake of water into the mouth?

    We do keep asking for the hydro pool but are told its not suitable for someone with Ataxia grrr !!.

    Hi Meekster

    I wonder if maybe the shakiness/tremour is a bit similar to when you play badminton or tennis, then afterwards you use the muscles to pick up a drink and your arm shakes uncontrollably. Different muscles are used walking in water to those on dry land. Hope things improve for you and you can enjoy the water once again 😀

  • Oh the collar is brilliant and I just use the dongles to give me added confidence. I bought the wrong one (child size) but it works fine, possibly a little snug for a bigger neck. Folk soon get used to it : )

  • Thanks for your reply.

    It means alot to me to know I'm not dealing with this on my own 😊

  • I had a lot of shaking. I take 100 mg. 2x and it helped. No more shaking.

  • I have a hot bath every 3-4 days. I use bubble wrap over the top like a pool blanket to keep the water warm. I use about 42degC at start that cools to about 40DegC after about half an hour. Then have a sleep for one hour max. Works a treat and basically free

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