Went for my pip Assessment yesterday not all what I thought it was going to be very informal, made me feel at ease, & knew of Friedreichs Ataxia & the impact it has on my life.

So know it's just waiting on decision which will be interesting, as my sister has got same condition, will we get same decision?although she hasn't had been contacted yet, but will happen soon I'm sure.

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  • I got an assessment on Tuesday, and after reading your post it has put me at ease a bit, so thank you Murcia. One question, do the have the form and evidence I provided at the assessment.

  • They go through everything you put on your form I hope you're assessor is as down to earth & easygoing as what I had

    Good luck

  • I understand they have they have the form but I also submitted evidence to back up my claim I was just wondering if they had that as well. Did the do a medical examination on you or was it just a chat x

  • Hi mister34 yes they have got all your evidence as they read it before they see you, the assessor is a paramedic

    No medical examination or any tasks to carry out for me just chatting hope this helps

  • Thank you hope it goes well x

  • So do I try not to think of it too much, I know easier said than done.

    Where do you live & what do you suffer from?mines Freidreiches Ataxia which I've had 38 years..

    I live Bristol

  • Hi I stay in Glasgow and I have cerebellar ataxia. I was disgusted in 2013.

  • you may not get the same decision as I've now had two the first was cold hard and with someone that had no understanding of the condition or the effect it has on your life, the second was far better. Sorry to sound harsh but if you or your sister are not happy with the results then please appeal.

  • Yes understand that, my sister hasn't been contacted yet but it will interesting if they come to a different decision as we've both the same condition, we'll see

  • Hi murcia,

    My brother and I have the same condition but got completely different outcomes. I wrote quite a comprehensive post last month about PIP assessment. If you or your sister are not happy with the outcome then appeal. Citizens advice can help.with this.

    Good luck 🍀

  • Thank you for your reply very interesting will appeal if different.

  • Do you have a link to that report please?

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