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Hiya fellow Ataxians. Has anyone bought one of the vibrating pad thingys, if so has it helped. At 65 I've just been diagnosed with late onset Ataxia but, as yet, haven't found out which type but I'm desperate to find things that may help the condition, especially leg cramps. I'm a bit wary of gadgets and gizmos but if this helps i think it may be money well spent. I'm going to try and exercise bike as well, though again, bit wary.....had one before a day it ended up as a clothes airer. This time it's different tho. I needed to stay mobile. Xx

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I had never heard of Vibrapower, so looked it up. It will be interesting to see your answers.

I do find (and I hate exercising) that anything is good to help keep as active as long as you can. The bike is good and I have one. I try to vary my speed on it and do a few minutes faster. My husband and I go ballroom dancing most weeks too.

Turmeric can help cramp.


Hi Paullymaie,

I was diagnosed 5 years ago with late onset cerebellar ataxia and like you started developing a few years ago leg cramps/pain in my legs at the top on the back. I walk 2 x daily with my dog and so didn't expect it but it was really getting me down. So I used my savings to buy a 'cyclossage' massage bed. when I use it 2 x daily (just 15 mins) it really stops the pain - not sure if its similar. Also always make sure I stretch lots (watch dogs and cats) - good luck



haven't bought that thingy . I have bought a treadmill- very basic and it goes at the speed you walk- ie not electric. I also bought a lightweight folding walker as a stick is not enough. I go to 3 exercise classes each week- one is for disabled people and the rest are mainstream. It is important to tell the tutor you have CA as I fell in one class and the tutor did not panic and told everyone.'Sylvia is always falling' so there was not a great deal to be said. I gave the tutor one of the excellent cards that Ataxia UK produce- it explains the condition briefly and clearly and I always carry one in my bag so I can show it to anyone who needs to know !Just keep as mobile as possible. In addition to CA I also have normal pressure hydrocephalus - presume they have done an MRI. this has the balance and incontinence problems - I had a shunt put in my brain in December and things are so much better so it may be an idea to ask the consultant if you have this condion as well all the best Sylvia


We have a treadmill, a mini stepper and a powerplate (my daughter's), and (almost forgot) an exercise bike I bought for my husband in the 1970s🙄 All are gathering dust. 😑 xB

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