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Finally saw the Neurologist

Hi all

I went to see the Neurologist and neither the Consultant or the Doctor had seen my symptoms. I tried to touch the Doc's finger then my nose and nearly took my eye out so we gave up on that one. I didn't do that well touching her fingers either. I tried doing the heel to toe walk but I couldn't seem to put my foot down and my leg started shaking so we had to give that one up too. I showed them both the writing as well and they did listen very carefully to the other symptoms like choking, jaw snapping, etc. The upshot is that I'm to have an MRI and see a top specialist who deals with tremors. They've assured me that they will find out whatever it is. I asked about Ataxia but the Doctor said that usually it's hereditary...........hmmmm

The Consultant has prescribed Betablockers to help with the tremor, has anyone had these and did they help?

I'll let you know the next installment.............

Take care :)

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Hi Zhez

When you go for the MRI take a CD with you, it helps to relax you and keep still.

I've never taken Betablockers as yet, but somebody is bound to be able to comment. xB


Hiya, to be honest I'm terrified of the thought of laying flat, it's something I never do because of arthritis in my neck. The CD idea's great, thanks :)


Dear Zhez, I was diagnosed with Sporadic Cerebellar Ataxia 10 years ago (unknown cause/non-hereditary). Some ataxia's are non-hereditary. No one in my family, as far back as we know has/had ataxia, except me. I consider myself "special"...,ha! If it is hereditary, it came from a relation so far back, that we would have no way of knowing about them. Also, they wouldn't have known what they had, or could have died before presenting symptoms. My ataxia could have skipped several generations, if even possible. No, I've never taken a betablocker for my ataxia. About 19 years ago, I took a betablocker for a heart arrythmia ( to control the beats), but had surgery (18 years ago) to repair that. That's a different story. My best to you..., ;o)


Hi February, I think it reflects more on the Doc's knowledge (or lack of it) about Ataxia. My Mum and son have both been diagnosed with ET but when I asked her about that she said it definitely wasn't. I'm wondering whether they were misdiagnosed.........

I think we're all very SPECIAL!!! Everyone on here is so kind........ :)


I was diagnosed with Ataxia earlier in the year but after a trip to The John Radcliffe specialist centre I have had the diagnosis changed to MSA (MULTIPLE SYSTEM ATROPHY)which sounds worse but at least its not heredity based so I'm not likely to pass it to my children Also there seems to be more help for it.


Hi Laddie,I've just looked up MSA and can see where it overlaps Ataxia. It is always a great concern for parents, my Dad recently said if he'd known what the future would bring he wouldn't have had children at all. That was more related to reflux as I lost my first child to it and nearly lost the other 3. Bless him, we've all had great lives so far, even if there's been up's and down's. I wouldn't swap for anyone!! :)


hello zhez I have now been relieved of a worry about my family even though the neurologist only said he did not think that it was a hereditary disease. I have finally decided to take an anti-depressant

so perhaps I will feel more cheerful in future I hope so

At 73 I should feel grateful to have had this problem late in life unlike many others who have coped for much longer.


I fell asleep during my MRI (90 minutes long...) and was embarrassed when the lady told me I had been snoring!

At least they got what they were looking for, which was the atrophied cerebellum. Horrible word that, isn't it? Atrophied...

Best wishes.


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