Restless Leg Syndrome


During the recent wet weather, my RLS has seemed so much worse. I wondered if others have had the same problem and whether you have found anything to help with the symptoms and poor sleep. I am wary of starting any of the prescription drugs discussed with my neurologist as I have been taking Letrozole, post Breast Cancer, for nearly 4 years now; one of the side effects of this can be RLS!

Any suggestions or shared experiences would be welcomed.

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  • I too suffer with restless leg syndrome! I currently take Amitryptiline (35mg) but doesn't seem to help much. I find the only way round it is to get up and walk around which seems to ease it - I haven't found any other way round it - if others have any suggestions, I'd also be glad to hear them - on nights when my leg plays up (it's always my left leg) it's horrible!

  • Thanks for replying: the left leg is the one which pains me, too.

  • Hi,

    I suffered with Restless Leg Syndrome for a long time before I found something that works for me and that's elastic tubular bandages. I buy a length of the bandage and cut two pieces each to an appropriate size from below my knee to above my ankle (Basically covering the calf area - The fit should be comfortable and not tight). I put the bandages on my calf's just before I go to bed of a night and no longer suffer RLS through the night - I can't believe that something so simple has worked so well, for me, and wish I had discovered it earlier - This might be something you could consider discussing with your Doctor.

    Good luck 😊

  • I shall certainly give this a try. Many thanks!

  • I drink a glass of Tonic water before bed and eat bananas it seems to help

  • Thanks. I have tried the tonic water, with some success and will now combine it with the bananas. Anything for a decent night's sleep!

  • Sorry to sound ignorant but can you describe RLS as I have not heard of it. Thank you.

  • Hello Margaret, firstly though to Winch - Restless Legs Syndrome - don't go there! Dreadful!

    Minimal levadopa as used by Parkinson's sufferers is good, says my GP. Ropinirole and Pramipexole were dreadful for side-effects, he tried Rotigotine patches which stopped it dead but also had side-effects. With his permission I experimented with wearing-duration and found that they worked, with far less side-effects, for up to six days! Very expensive, a nice little earner for the makers so I'll probably get sued for this...

    So now I only have an over-bearing need to keep napping, but that's bearable if a bloomin' nuisance! Immediately after a new patch the naps and staggering about are much worse but that's usually only for a day or two.

    Regards Ant

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