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Another day at the office

just had second round of physio, the therapist has said , "its all about getting strength back in the legs", I knew that, its not rocket science, and me a butcher. So did I learn anything new? NO, just that the boss sits on his arse at a computer and has the nurses and student nurses running about. My ex girlfriend had the right idea 5 years ago..... a cross trainer lol

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cheer up, you need strength in your arms as well, i know, i tripped and broke my foot, been in plaster for 3 weeks now, non weight bearing, what a nightmare, have you thought about getting a small pedal exerciser? i got one from argos and love it, try one?


At least your physio has the sense to realise that it's important to get strength back in your legs. I saw 6 different physios over 10 years and not one suggested doing leg-strengthening exercises, they just gave me balancing exercises. In fact if anyone has had ataxia for more than a few years there is no point in giving them balance exercises unless you also get them to work hard on strengthening their legs. if you want leg-strengthening exercises to do at home I recommend these:


Hi peyerallison,

Unfortunately a lot of health services spend.time developing specialist posts and employing people with few years clinical experience! For walking it is not just leg strengthening exercises that's needed but hip and core trunk - these allow the bodies appendages (legs and arms) to move freely. The best results I had wad from a.personal trainer who, spoke to a physio and then came with me to my local gym and.set up a.programme for me.


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