the best laugh of the day!!!!!!!!

hi all

I've never really enjoyed having CA, until see, i'd found and enjoyed a chocolate bar, that i'd forgotten all about.

its kind of funny, at last there's a good reason for my memory loss and it was a pleasant surpise!!!!!!.

Has anyone else ever sit back and thought " I love my illness "?.

Helen :-)

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  • I do not think I would go as far as to say "I love my SCA6" but I do hope you enjoyed your chocolate `surprise` :-)

    You`ve got me thinking now.........................

    I might go on a home safari and see what I can find that I may have put away for a rainy day and also completely forgotten about.

    Mmmm, the loft would be a problem though, ha, ha, ha. :-)

  • hi john-H

    maybe instead of love my CA, I should of put enjoyed my CA, because it was a very enjoyable experience and a much enjoyably surprise. :-)

    I hope your " home safari " leads you to find some pleasant surprises

    happy hunting

    Helen :-)

  • After many, many long hours of toil and sweat, this adventurer, having suffered unknown stress and many a mirage in his house safari returned with naught but an empty, aged, `smiths crisp pkt` :-)

    Smith`s? Do they still make crisps I wonder :-O

  • hi john-H

    so the wonderer returns...LOL,

    did u come across any " giant daddy long-legs "? :-)

    think they still make smiths, sure I've seen them in morrisons.

    Helen :-)

  • I use a cane, and am always pleasantly surprised when someone i don't know holds a door (store) open for me. I even had a gentleman who was talking on his cell phone offer to open my car door for me. You see, I had my hands full, my cane in my right, and a bag in my left. I really appreciated his kindness! I've also had store employees or restaurant employees offer to carry my purchase's to my car. Sometimes I have to ask, but people are so kind, and I'm so grateful!!! Glad you enjoyed finding your candy bar and found so much delight in that Helen! ;o)

  • I retired last December at the grand old age of 48 and I still wake up and think, "Fab-I don't have to get up and go to work". Of course it's a challenge to keep oneself occupied and to find ways of keeping up social contacts but I feel quite privileged to be able to retire early. I also find that sometimes other people can be very kind and helpful and this is definitely a positive thing as it tends to make both parties feel good.

  • you aren´t serious, are you ?


  • Hi Jurgen

    I think ConantheLibrarian's outlook is fantastic. I retired from paid work last year (I do much voluntary work, particularly with Ataxia UK) and it was one of the best things I have done. Of course, it is not very nice to retire at the age of 37 but I feel so much better and enjoy life so much more, that it was worth every cent.

    I also agree that most other people are kind and helpful and I have seen many acts of pure human kindness over the years, especially when Ataxia is mentioned.

    Best Wishes


  • I have been asked a LOT what Ataxia is. so much so, if I am online, and one of say, my facebook friends asks, I just put a link up for this site. NOT one person I have met knows about it over in harrogate/Knaresborough

  • And that includes the neurologist, she did not have a clue as to what was wrong, and passed me on to Sheffield

  • I like that when I feel like being lazy, I have a perfectly good excuse! I also like that I don't put on weight that easily, because I use so much energy doing everyday things.

    Also, on the whole, strangers can be nice - there are a lot of random acts of kindness. I don't know if I'd have found this out if I didn't have Ataxia.

  • you Brits have a bizarre sense of humour


  • I don't think its bizarre to have a sense of humour about any disability. I think it's human nature - you can either laugh or cry about it. I choose to laugh about it when I can because it's not healthy to wallow in self pity.

  • I do HATE "my" SCA- I think it´s perverse really, t o say you love CA or SCA

    True, there are diseases worse than ours

    I don´t think people commenting on "twinkle´s" chocolate story are serious, though..

    It´s like a friend said the other day "It´s fantastic having Alzheimer´s because

    you´re always meeting with new people"


  • hi jurgen

    I DO believe that everyone is different, some people see the funny-side of their ailments and others I find are envious of those who are willing to there a law, that I don't know about? where it states, that you can't laugh at your own miss-fortunes or does everyone with an ailment have to be miserable!!!!!

    let other people tell/share a funny moment, after all were stuck with our ailments

    Helen :-)

  • hi jurgen,

    yeah we brits DO have a weird and wacky sense of humour....but it does help

  • Hello Helen,

    right you are.

    Actually, John Cleese is one of my favourites - and that man´s

    humour might not be called humour by people not British (my

    wife e.g.)

    take this :


  • Sometimes I get into trouble for my dry sense of humour, but a quick smile normally puts all at ease, it has to, running away is out of the question :-) :-)

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