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Hi. I want to get an office chair to sit at my computer desk. I have noticed that Ikea sell ergonomic office chairs at a reasonable price but like all swivel chairs they move around on castors. It says that the castors lock automatically when the chair is not in use but I'm not sure how safe the chair will be when I am getting up/sitting down. Does anyone use an office chair with castors?

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  • I'm afraid I can't advise but would like to follow as ive been told I may a new chair if work accept my request to go back part time. The only thing I can suggest is to try it out in the shop, advising the staff you need to try it both on a slippy (tile surface). They would probably agree to this

  • Hi i use a office chair with castors every day,you have to be careful when sitting down in the chair to make sure it does not roll back as you lower your body down into it,what i do is...back up to the chair,grasp the arms and then sit ,do not go down to fast or to heavy...When getting up press down on the chair arms and stand slowly,always use the chair with this in mind and you will be fine...

  • in other words, don't do what i idid... sit down, the chair went backwards and i fell onto a very hard surface. Believe me, it hurts : )

  • Ouch bet it did hurt....that's what i have always avoided doing..Try it my way!!! take care

  • Will do x

  • Thanks for your advice. I have found a solution, for the time being at least. I already have a reasonably good quality portable self-propelling wheelchair and I've started using that. It is certainly more comfortable than the folding chair I was using before. It is also easy to manoeuvre and stable as the wheels can be locked. I should point out that I am using this at home not in an actual office.

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