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Occupational therapy/ HR question



following my return to work meeting, I was told they don't need my Neuro, GP nor Ataxia Nurse's opiion as this isn't the way they work, instead, i'll be seeing their own Occupational Therapist tomorrow! I was sent a copy of the referral which they had stretched the truth on. I immediately fired back a polite email stating this but obviously, no response. I'm guessing this is all one sided their in favour which in fairness I was kind of expecting. Is there anything I need to know before I go tomorrow other than don't go lone and don't sign anything. Am I allowed to ask for a copy of her assessment to be sent to me as well as my HR manager ? (I'm feeling a little vunerable and know I'm going to stress for the next 2-3 weeks ).

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Hi kjtibby

What are you seeing the occupational therapist for? Is it to discuss reasonable adjustments that could be made at work to make your working life easier?


kjtibby in reply to HarryB

i have no idea to be honest. i went off sick for about 4 weeks last June 2014 with a big ataxia flare, i literally couldn't speak properly, lost the use of my legs, job lot. Following this i had a huge problem digesting food and after 8 weeks of doctors trying various medications, i was admitted to hospital for 8 nights until i was able to keep food in and stabilized with medication, including immunotherapy. The hospital gave me a one or two week sick note to recover. I then returned to work for just one week and had to have an enforced holiday for the company shutdown. During this time, i had a call from my manager saying they didn't want me in work as my immunity was compromised. I didn't actually become quiet poorly until October so remained off. I wrote to manager having spoken with my neuro, GP, ataxia nurse and ataxia uk requesting i go back but part time and nothing to do with payroll nor the carbon counter as i just don't seem capable of numbers anymore The referral says i stated in the meeting i want to work part time due to fatigue. This isn't altogether true, i said i needed to find work life balance, i don't think my voice can hold out for a full day (the immunotherapy has appeared to damage my vocal cords) ad i don't feel mentally capable of a full day, i did say i get tired but that wasn't the only reason.... not sure if ive made sense there, i think i'm working myself up to s train wreck


I was sent to see my employers occupational health team so have some experience with it. Ours are an independent company, do you know if yours are? This helped as they were impartial. They were really sympathetic and understanding and made good suggestions and supported what I felt I couldn't do (work 12 full days in a row!). I was given the option of either having the report before my employer and contesting anyhing that was wrong or at the same time and they sent it very quickly so there was no waiting and worrying. And both times I've been I saw Dr's, one of which was an ex GP who had had an ataxia patient so already knew all about it!

It's a bit scary going but I felt a lot better after knowing that they understood the condition and that hopefully my employers would listen to their advice.

kjtibby in reply to Becca1990

thank you, yes they are independant to the company. Im seeing a nurse whom i told knows ataxia

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