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Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapsit coming tomorrow, Wednesday 10.30am.

Assess for wet room. I phoned her office and spoke to her and gave her number code for acces to front door - easier than me having to sit on stairlft waiting.

Now I can wait in the bathroom which be will much easier :-)

Sunny in patches here today, no rain, windy, just a normal day really, if a day can be normal ha, ha, ha.

Not to worry though, I`ve got a smashing blackcurrant cheesecake for my tea :-O I might even leave some for tomorrow......................................................or I might not ;-)

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Great News! Always something good at the end of a rainbow.

I saw the physio today, she was smiling and had nice things

to say, makes you feel a lot better.

Ah, Cheesecake! Have you been to the Cheesecake Factory

in Florida? The stuff of dreams! xB


Wobblybee, when I visited Florida back in the 70's with the Navy, visiting the cheesecake factory was not top of the agenda for young 18 year old Matelots ;-)


Silly me, what was I thinking!

But, you missed a treat. xB


Boy ohh boy, these occupational therapists people do put you through the mill.................... :-O

I`m totally tired out.

Sooo many questions and up and down stairs (stairlift) and walking here and there - well trying to anyway with the Zimmerframe.........................I`m totally whacked out.

Looks like the wet room is a yes - not finalised - but looking okay. They were not very happy about the way I use the stairlift and are looking into the possibility of putting in a lift (to take wheelchair/me) direct to the bedroom, but they have to talk to their "team?" about it first.

All in all they were hear about an hour and I`m tired out, really bushed, completlye popped.


It sounds as though you were auditioning! You need to recharge your batteries!

I saw an example of a 'through the floor lift' at the Dene Centre at South Gosforth,

it's a pity it's not not your doorstep, they have examples of all sorts of aids there.

You don't necessarily have to make an appt either.

Did they make you a cup of tea? xB


They did ask if I wanted a drik made or anything else, which was very kind of them. But I just want to lay down, I was tired out :-)

At least things are now starting to move a wee bit quicker, which is good.

Small steps, small steps, and all will come together.

It`s a funny old world :-)


I had a group of medical personnel yesterday all trying to make decisions about my physical wellbeing.I felt bombarded with questions.I just wanted to get back to my routines and bad habits. I am glad I am on the radar but am a bit cynical.I am gettting a wet room too but we have had to dip into any private savings.

I have no balance and hang onto rails and sinks. There is a lot of wobbling and lurching.

It will be so nice to have a wet room.Only those with Ataxia will understand that you can walk but have no balance.We don't seem to fit into their assessments.Ataxia is rare and most people have never heard of it so you end up feeling aa freak.It will be nice to concentrate and not worry about slipping or slithering.


Glad you're getting your wet rooms John-H and Silkwood. That will be a huge help! I'm impressed with the way things for medical care are done in the UK. I live in the States and I must say, the UK is advanced! Hope you enjoy your cheesecake w/tea John...,sounds positively yummy! I'm with Beryl, if you ever get a chance to visit a Cheesecake Factory (restaurant), do! I've been to a couple in the States, in the cities of Chicago and Boston. I live in the State of Michigan, and from what I've heard they've opened one at Twelve Oaks Mall (a shopping mall) in the city of Novi, about 40 minutes from where I live. I LOVE cheesecake, so at some point I'll get there...,ha! John, what is a Zimmerframe? Also, enjoy the pictures you post...,get some well-deserved rest! ;o)


Hello february,

If you look at my post "Satisfactory Day" you will see a link to a photo of a "zimmerframe".

My Cheesecake was yummy-yummy :-) :-) :-)

I am now resting on my bed ready to watch the football (that's soccer to my American friends) :-)


Thanks John, as I did look-up your pic. Yes, here in the States it's called a walker or rollator. I use a cane, but am thinking about getting one for more stability. I've fallen a few times (not with my cane as a rule) and it's not my idea of a good time...,ha! Glad you enjoyed your cheesecake and are resting now! My son played soccer in high school...,love to watch it! I also watch football, basketball, baseball (not my favorite, as it's slooow) and ice hockey. I tend to enjoy sports that move faster (maybe because I don't...,ha! Enjoy watching football (aka: soccer here in the States). ;o)


Good Morning John!

I hope you're well rested and at one with the world. xB


Just noticed this (old age thing)

Yes, Rested well, and fuly charged up again - even though it is now 7.17pm.

Having an early night, hospital tomorrow 8.45am and I`ve got a funny feling the ambulance will arivve early, I`ve set my alarm for to give me plenty of time to get ready. I`m useless without my morning cup of tea :-)


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