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PIP assessment face to face appointment

Hiya, I'm new here, I was diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia sca2 at the end of July this year, and left work due to ill health in September (i'm 26)

I have a face to face appointment with Capita from PIP on Monday 16th, and I was just wondering if they make you do anything? (such as get up and show them how you do things)


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My assessment was on Monday, the physical examination was to check my power ( how strong my arms and legs are, so push against their hand or pull it) reach up, hands on shoulders, we didn't do the standing tests which are to bend down and touch you toes, and stand to reach up, they looked at me and decided not to bother.

Most of the time was spent asking the questions from the form.

Good luck


Thanks Nigel


they came back to me, have lowered the mobility component.................... so have to hand back the car


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