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Ataxia or bppv

Hi all. I'm new to this forum but wanted to partisipate. Please tolerate my spelling' my spell checker is broken.

I have dizzyness and vertigo all the time. It definatly worse when I take a pain pill. I have cronic back pain and have a pain pump. I take oro medication for breakthru pain. My nero md said I have Ataxia and bppv. Can anyone tell me why my dizzynes gets worse when I take pain pills as perscibed?

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Hi xwino:-)

I've had treatment for BPPV, I found it quite effective.

For a good explanation of the condition and treatment see:

Re the pain pills, we all know it's possible to have a side effect from medication.

Perhaps this is the case and an alternative may be available that suits you better.

:-) xB

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I was wondering if they know for sure if your back pain and Ataxia are related.


No. I,m sure it is not related Ataxia.



Go to you tube and listen to Nick Ortner The Tapping Solution for back pain

or any pain and it works.



Ok' I,ll check it out. Thanks!


I get backaches, but I think that they result from my sitting, or laying, in awkward positions. Since I don't walk that much due to Ataxia, I spend lots more time sitting or laying.

Also, were you told that your Ataxia was caused by alcohol? I know that mine was caused by that, but I haven't found anyone else who says that theirs was caused by alcohol. I'm wondering if there are that few people who have Ataxia caused by alcohol, whether people are ashamed to talk about that, or if I just haven't run across those people. Have you got any thoughts about that?


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