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Sore lower back of legs

Very tender to the touch back of lower legs, ben like this for about 7-8 weks now. tingling toes also.

don`t walk at all now, could this be the reason? waiting time to see Dr is just too long, ridiculousus o be honest.

Anyway, hospital appointmnetment in Februrary for cognititives tests and MRI scans on head, spine cervical and spine thoracicic, they want to sedates me first before scans :-O

Going tobe a long day, hope they feeed me :-) hahaha

Sleeping more and more now, longer than normal, cant seem to keep awake longer than a few hours ata a time.

Got cleaners doo al housework for me once a fortnghight - big help. arragnging for help to get laundry and ironing done also. too tired to do it myself.

Snowed last nihgt yippee, love the snow :-) sit by window watching it it was lovely :-)

See you later tidred now

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dont know where you are but tonight we have snow in northeast so if you sat watching it tonight lovely but slippery out side, husband has friedreichs and dreading trying to get him out of house when its icy. hope you not feeling as tired, not sure about tenderness back of legs, they not swollen are they


Hello, legs not swollen, but very tenderto touch. snow did not last long, didn`t get much reaaly :-(

Sleeping more and mreo though...

not long till hospital appointments thoug.


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