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Any advice regarding alarm pendants?

Any advice regarding alarm pendants?

My ataxia is mild according to the Ataxia Clinic in Queens Square in London, but when combined with the degeneration of part of my spine, the pain (sometimes quite severe) aggravates my lack of balance and so I fall, often.

On holiday recently visiting my family I tried to walk when I could and only used the wheelchair for longer distances - like travelling around a shopping centre.

Unfortunately I had several falls and by that I mean where I actually hit the ground. A few of these needed someone to help me get home, and one fall actually needed treatment after for cuts and abrasions. Two months on my wrist still hurts.

Falls where I or someone else catches and prevents a fall are are rather frequent.

As a result of these I started to investigate getting an alarm pendant of some sort for the day when I have a fall and can't get up and there's no one around to help.

Of what I found, most of these pendants only work in or near a home or workplace and you have to have a base station which then sends out alerts as needed.

I eventually found one which uses a mobile phone type sim card so it will work wherever you are, like out shopping. They also have a version which uses an app on a smartphone.

The question I have is: what experience have people had of such pendants, and Skyguard in particular - they are the company which I am considering using?

Here is a link if you want to read more

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this looks good- the one I have is for use in the home and garden and this has saved me on several occasions when I have fallen - especially in the garden. I never go out on my own in the countryside or further afield. interesting to know that this exists as I live on my own - will have to investigate further. good luck ! xx Sylvia


i have a pendent but only for aroound the house and garden as cannot walk outside on my own but still ives pease of mind for me and family


Hi Wyndham,

I wasn't aware that this type of alarm was available - my neighbour has the traditional 'Lifeline' home type. What concerned me was the number of falls you seem to be having. What equipment are you using to walk with ? x


Hi angelite - I just use a walking stick when I go out walking. It has one of those ergonomically designed handles so is not only comfortable but it keeps me more steady than a conventional handle.

The reason I fall is not so much that I lose my balance, but that my legs sort of freeze up and I lose all control over one or both of them, and I collapse.

I doubt believe any of the various walkers would be any better.

The reason I keep walking when I would be safer in a wheelchair is that I don't want to give up just get, and of course I need the exercise.

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Hi again, I see the problem ! I can totally relate to and applaud your desire to remain ambulant . Could you ask your GP to refer you for this problem ? Maybe physio dept or othopaedics could come up with something to help ( alternative walking equipment/leg braces ? ? )

I'm really lucky that I've got some power and control back after relapse so use my lightweight stick rather than the big clumsy NHS one ( really sturdy but heavier for spastic arm ! ) I am even able to toddle a bit unaided but have to keep pulling back from the right hand veer which tires my legs quicker - my right side is more spastic than the left so right leg tires quickly and loses push. It will go down under me once weakened so I can't push away from the veer or stay upright - most inconvenient !

I am finding the heat exacerbates my balance terribly at the mo ! ( heat slows signals ). Hope you can get some help to try alternatives for your problem. Keep safe,

Angela x


Thanks Angela. It was good of you to respond so thoughtfully, it is really appreciated - everyone who responded.

Beat wishes to you in finding relief from your symptoms

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Best wishes.... (mutter mutter)


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