I'm new to posting as like many I have been content to read the posts on this site yet have chosen not to air any views.

Like all people with Ataxia I await a "magic pill" or at least a significant and publicised step forward in the search for a successful treatment for Ataxia. I was greatly encouraged by a recent project in Poland which appeared to be successful in finding a treatment for paralysis. I understand doctors injected cells taken from the nose of a person who was paralysed from the waist, directly into his spine. Regeneration of the nerve cells was confirmed by a British consultant who also observed movement in the legs of the patient.

Although this may only be a start, am I alone in thinking this is a mighty step forward in cell research and could be of great significance in the search for a treatment for Ataxia??

Your views would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Yeah I think it could a good breakthrough, but what you mention relates to nerve cells rather than brain cells. When the technology can be applied brain cells, maybe that technique will require a healthy donor? I still think that maybe stem cells are a better bet.

  • Hi Philyer! (Great moniker!) - Yes I too feel that the Polish paralysis treatment is indeed a huge step forward! I am of the mind that a cure for Ataxia lies solely within the realms of stem cell /gene therapy. - (though many disagree with me, believing that a cure could also come via drugs.) We are all entitled to our opinions! Main thing is to keep as well and as happy and positive as possible meanwhile......

  • Dear Philyerboots, A huge welcome to this site! That's truly amazing that some researchers in Poland were able to come up with a treatment for paralysis! Yes, I believe all ongoing research will be helpful for many diseases, like ataxia! Thanks for sharing..., ;o)

  • Many thanks for your replies.

    Possibly a regular update on research ( other than that given in the Ataxian ) may be of help?

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