any advice for use of a kindle

I am looking for advice for a lady with ataxia who has now issues with her hands, losing her dexterity. She would like to buy a new device (kindle type), user friendly, that she could use to carry on reading. Any tips, experience of using such devices, and which ones are the best on the market, would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks :-)

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  • Send email to and I can tell you lots of very relevant info about Kindle and stuff. Is this allowed? Hear from you soon.

  • Hi senoja

    It would be great if you could write any advice you have about the kindle or any other devices or people with ataxia on here, then everyone would will be able to see it. I am sure others would find it helpful.

    Best wishes


  • Techno prob. Because of wonky hands, can only write in small segments at a time. Email is easier because I can save draft and complete later. Can't do this on your message board. Wonder what to do? Don't much like downloaded app, even more difficult.

  • Hi Senoja

    I understand and sympathise with your difficulty. It is a significant limitation on HU and I have the same problem. I sometimes write replies in Word or Pages so I can go back to them and then copy and paste them to HU. Not ideal I know but that is how I get around the problem you describe.

    Best wishes


  • Ah, useful thought. Will give it a try. Not too brilliant with cut & paste either. Using stylus is the problem I think. Not enough control over strength of strike. Bit hit & miss, literally, often ends up being a miss/mess. Isn't it annoying? Bestwishes

  • I have an I pad pro expensive yes but I can do so many things all from a smallish pad really has been a life changer I can read books ,email,shop,write letters listen to music watch TV so many more things too

  • My son is 11 and most touch screens he finds are better to use. He has a child's kindle with a thick blue case around it ( which you can get separately too) which makes it easier for him to hold and if he drops it, because of the ataxia, it's protected.

  • I only have experience of Reading a Kindle but it's all good. I wear neoprene work gloves to help desensitize my fingers and hands.

    There are plenty of hacks on YouTube that show how you can easily adapt your gloves to work with a smartphone or Kindle full stop eg. Using arctic silver liquid or even silver foil.

  • I am not a great reader but I do enjoy the odd book tape from Audio.

    I have an iPad which I use for a kindle (bigger). My daughter (a teacher) showed the kid’s blue covers which look excellent and I am getting one. I do need a stylus to write with on an iPad and iPhone.

    I have never had a kindle so I cannot either way - sorry x

  • Hi Maouni......I also enjoy reading, I purchased an Apple iPad...... it may have a Kindle app on it but if not you can get it on the App Store...... I buy my ebooks from Amazon..... some are only pennies, some are full price and believe it or not some are free.


  • I have an ipad with a kindle app and I use my ipad every day. I personally prefer the ipad although they are more expensive than a kindle.

    Why not go to your local PC world and have a play.

  • I have just recently bought two gadgets from amazon that stick to back of kindles and iPad.i have severe fremors and hand pain on the minute I am saving up for kindle oasis,as it has light and button page turner,but the paperwhite looks fine if you're happy to swipe to turn original keypad kindle (1998?) just died so using basic kindle ATM but all kindles are lighter than my iPad.i just like having a book only device so it uses less battery.

  • Many thanks all of you for your precious help! Greatly appreciated :-)

  • I have FA and my dexterity is rubbish! I'm an avid reader and I could not live without my kindle! At the moment I'm using the kindle Oasis which has buttons I can press for page turns - but I still have to touch the screen for changing font, managing the library etc. If she is dextrous enough to swipe the screen for turning pages then the Paperwhite or the basic kindle might be ok. .I don't know about the other e-readers but I guess they're all touchscreen.

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