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Powerchair people came with a selection to choose from on Monday. Tried a few of them indoors and outdoors. Liked a few of them - decisions, decisions.

I opted for one that is Ambulance friendly, has tie-down points, can be power-driven or free-wheeled with assistant/carer and at a price that made me smile :-)

It gets through my front door no problem and has four different speeds - the fastest will probably never be used - 2nd speed is ample enough.

At this moment at time I`m still reading through the `insurance company(s)` small print before accepting - always worth checking the I`s are dotted and the t`s are crossed before accepting their offer.

(I have telephoned `Fish Powerchair Insurance` and they were very good, answered all the questions I had in a positive manner, and they have a deal going which is available online with a £20 discount.)


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Great news John :-) does it have cruise control?

I forecast a new lease of life, get out there, tyneside is your oyster :-) xB


HI WOBBLYBEE, I have always been active and it everything came tumbling down I always get up and carry on but now it used to be every 8 months average.Now it is every few days. But with my sight gone and partially deaf and I used to use a wheelchair now my only form of life which as been a god send is my computer which types for me what I say. But we all should be grateful no matter how small for things that help you get by it is so pressures. And I have many inspirations in what people say through life and just a few words of your comment is one of those inspirations to share with Matlot. But those words open doors for others "new lease of life ,get out there,tyneside is your oyster" and that place can be any where and no matter what we have got we all should treat each day as a next page of your life and make the best of it to all. Keep doing what you are naturally doing as a caring person.GEOFF1956


Hi GEOFF1956 :-)

My 'lifeline' and usually permanent attachment, is my IPad :-)

We've been separated this last week but have now been

reunited :-)

A friend of mine uses similar technology to you, I've received

emails from her via this and am amazed at the fluency etc :-)

The conversation just goes on and on with ease!

Yes, everyday is a challenge, in different ways to each of us :-)

I treasure the 'good days' :-) Today, the sun is streaming in, it's

warming my bones :-) xBeryl


Each day without fail I always say thankyou for this brand new day, At night I say thank you for keeping me safe and for those of needs

Life is to short to worry, the answer nip it in the bud and sought it without lingering.

If I can just put one smile on one face each day then at least i've given joy.

Our lives are of a book you turn a page that day as started, next page is an other day.

Live for today and make the most of it, each page you may be in deep waters but you always end up back on land.

Our lives are of adventure onto grounds you never been before to limits you have far past. This his our lives do best show best be best for others. Enjoy your ventured day

the weather is good for it. Go have me cuppa !


Hi John

Good to hear you have had some good help and advise on buying a chair it looks a fine machine

i am very curious about the smile you had on the price----good I hope!!!!

Drive carefully and mind those expensive ornaments on your table

Best wishes Ted


Good for you, John! Looks like you picked the right one for your needs! You'll be cruising in style and comfort....,ha! ;o)


Hello february,

Yes it is okay. I've been out for a few rides and it so good to have my independence back.



what do you think of this


I've just watched this, brilliant, I'd like one :-)xB

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It is always good to hear of a positive experience.

Happy wheeling


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