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Help with appeal for being turned down for Disability Living Allowance and Disability Parking Permit

I have been turned down for both the DLA and my Council's Disability Parking Permit. I intend to appeal against both decisions. Are there any key words or facts about Ataxia that would help my cause? I am getting support from Ataxia UK but could any of you who have gone through the same thing give advice? I have cerebellar ataxia. It is so frustrating having to fight for everything and time consuming. I just want to get on with living my life!

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Your Doctor and consultant should be able to give you a letter which you could then copy

and send to the 'powers that be'

I made the mistake of under stressing my condition and as we all know Ataxia is an unknown

word to many Also we don't like complaining about our health do we!!! If you are a member of your local Ataxia group see what other members have experienced

Good Luck Ted


If your Ataxia is progressive (which most are you need to stress that and when filling in the form always descripe the difficultys you have on a bad day dont say sometimes or words to that effect)If you are seeing a physio they would be agood reference as well as a neurolagist. it is the way you word these forms. If you have a Disablity Assoccation in your area ask themto help you as well.Good Luck


Hi I was diagnosed at December 2012, my neurologist added notes to my form and my local GP, but I got the C A B to help me fill the form in at first.then I went on to get my parking permit.

hopefully this helps.



I went to the doctor today and she is writing a letter for me. Thanks



I too had my application for a Blue Badge turned down - I could walk too far. (when I made my application over the phone the person taking the details had never heard of it!) I asked my GP for help and he sent further details to the council about my ataxia and said it was a chronic condition. The council reversed their decision and sent me the badge straight away. It has made such a difference for me when parking my car - good luck.



Hello Wobblymum

My advice to you is, its not what you say but how you say it. I used to be a decision maker for the DHSS so I know a little.

Take care



I had to make two applications a year apart before I received a payment The second time I was able to send copies of hospital letters but I also have a heart condition(I had a pacemaker/ICD fitted This seemed to carry more weight with them unlike the Ataxia which is so understood I also feel you have to be careful how you answer their questions. They do not consider housework or shopping as a problem


Hi Woblymum.

Thankfully I recieve both DLA and Blue badge. I was however accessed at home prior to this. A Doctor came out and made a full assessment of my abilities, I was then given the maximum mobility allowance. Maybe if you ask to be assessed, then it might not be such a problem.

Sorry i can't help further.



Hi Wobblymum

When I applied for DLA I took it to Citizens Advice and a very nice lady helped me fill it in. I was amazed that what she put and HOW she put it was so much better than I would have done. I would have totally understressed my problems. The words 'degenerative' and 'progressive' were stressed and the names and addresses of all the health professionals involved in my care were stated so that they could be contacted for their opinion. I receive the higher rate of mobility so automatically get a blue badge.

I do hope that the decisions are successfully appealed for you. Being able to park close to shops etc. is such a Godsend and helps me to conserve valuable energy.

Good luck, let us know.

Nicky x


My neurologist stressed I could lose my balance and fall at anytime he wrote a letter for both the blue badge and dla. Parking so you exit the car by the pavement is essential for me, trying to walk around the car is terrifying with the passing traffic. I was turned down for the blue bade 1st time and got the lower rate dla, I am now on the higher rate of dla. You must get a letter from the neurologist in my opinion. Unless you are fortunate, you will have a better knowledge of ataxia than your gp. Keep on keeping on.



I was told when applying for DLA, tell them what your experiencing a bad day, etc, the things that hurt,like your back after you've bent down to retrieve a letter, not being able to function properly.....I did this and BINGO!!!!! I got my DLA

good luck


Dear Wobblymum, I live in the US, and things are different here than in the UK. All I can suggest is be as complete as possible on your application, as that's a given here in the US. Also, as others have suggested, have your neurologist and others involved in your ataxia care (physical therapist, speech therapist etc) write letters regarding your ataxia symptoms. It shouldn't be so time consuming or difficult, but unfortunately it can be! My best to you...,;o)


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