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Decisions, Decisions

I've been online looking at indoor/outdoor electric powerchairs.

So many to choose from my minds going into burn-out ;-)

Altonaids on the Team Valley Trading Estate looks okay, so I might get my brother to take me down at the weeekend.

I'm finding it too hard to handle the manual wheelchair anymore, so a powerchair is a must now.

Scooter would be OK, but the size would be a problem for getting on ambulance when going to hospital appointments.....

I was quite surprised at the prices of them. Expected to be a lot more expensive than they were :-)

A friend said to apply via the NHS, but I don't know if I would qualify and anyway, by the time I walt I would probably have passed on :-) :-)


Now then....

Just where did I put my Hells Angels Jackets :-) :-) :-)

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Don't forget the helmet John, I always go weak at the knees when I

see George Clooney in his :-)

Maybe you could sort the power chair out yourself, if it's quicker.

Then apply for help to get a fold up scooter for ambulance transfers?

:-) xB


There are a lot of Powerchairs for sale on private ads but the majority of them are 200 miles down south, plus there is the fact of no warranty either.

There are a few company's in the North East that I will be ringing after I have checked out Altonaids on the TVTE.

Lovely sunny now, hope the rain keeps off :-)

John x


Hi John Just to make you laugh I bought a scooter rec price £2700 from a local shop for special

offer £1500 Then on the internet I found it for £950 with free delivery !!!! So keep looking for your power chair and good luck There is a very small elec scooter on the market which folds down

and you can get it to go up ramps into the back of any car So far I haven't heard of anyone who

has bought one

Let us all know how you get on ( Max speed limit on motorways is 70 so be careful!!!)

Cheers Ted


70mph :-)

I like it, put a smile on my face

Cheers Ted



Been in contact with NHS Ambulance Trust (N.E.) Got a few pointers off them before buying new powerchair. Check with company I`m purchasing from that powerchair has tie-down (anchor) points for when I`m being transferred to hospital etc, and that it has been crash-tested. Or get Make and Model and ring them back, they will check against their data to see if it has been tested.

I`d never heard of a powerchair having been crash tested :-O

Learn something new every day :-)

Mobility Direct are bringing a few to my abode for me to look at on Monday at

So that`s Altonaids at the weekend and another on Monday - see who has the best deal for me :-)


Good luck with you search, John! There are so many powerchairs/scooters to chose from, can be a bit overwhelming! I had trouble finding a proper cane. Ended up eventually with three, as I couldn't make a decision...,ha! ;o)


Hello february,

Yes your right, there are so many out there.

I hope you like all your three canes :-)

It's getting really difficult to use the manual wheelchair so I will have to purchase a powerchair.

John :-)


This whole ataxia thing is really difficult, and I have a positive nature! Good for you for recognizing your need for a powerchair! I was diagnosed with my ataxia eleven years ago, but had very small symptoms starting about eight years before diagnosis. I only started using a cane about four years ago, as I was in denial. It took a bad fall to come to my senses...,ha! And my ataxia is progressing. Ok, I'm done venting/ranting now...,ha! My best to you, as you're always so uplifting, and let me know what you decide upon please..., ;o)


Travelled down to Altonaids today, only to find that they were closed - seems they open at weekend's by appointment only :-O Which is strange?

Ohh well, their loss.

Warm today with just a wee bit of wind :-)


It's so annoying when places are closed on Saturdays! These days it seems to

be the norm for more relaxed opening hours, although obviously it must depend

on the type of business.

Remember when on a Sunday, only certain shops were permitted to open and

even if it was a convenience store, a very limited selection was allowed to be sold?

Staples such as bread, milk and Sunday papers were usually all you expected to be

able to buy.

A couple of weeks ago my husband needed to buy a new hedge trimmer, he works

all week so Saturdays are usually the time he shops. Wouldn't you know the one

place that stocked the type he wanted was closed at weekends :-) xB


Yeah I can remember running to the corner shop to get a loaf of bread on Sunday morning before it clodse at 12. Running :-O that was a long time ago :-)

I used to have a routine on a Sunday morning ho-hum - breakfast - morning walk - read the Sunday papers - then off to the pub to the lads :-)

Back home by 2.15pm for a smashing Sunday Roast with veg & Yorkshire Pud' lashings of gravy :-)

Ahhhh memories

Now I have to watch the weight, so it's all weight-watcher meals.

Happy days. It' a funny old world


My Nanna made the best yorkshires ever, Sunday dinner was the best

meal of the week :-)

I used to be able to remember her co-op divi number, she would send

me for messages, I could only have been 6 or 7. Nowadays you wouldn't

dream of letting a small child go a few streets away from home on their


The co-op was 'Beamish' style, butter and cheese were cut from a big

slab, and sugar weighed out and bagged for you. I was always mesmorised

by the slick wrapping technique :-) No plastic bags, just grease proof paper

and paper bags.

I lived in a small colliery village, one Main Street of shops, the co-op had the

majority of them. Going to Newcastle was overwhelming :-)

Now, the same Main Street has charity shops and cut price cheap shops

jostling for position, totally characterless.

Yes, Happy Days :-) xB


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