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Dear all

Some of you may have noticed someone called 'zimula' posted a lot of spam here this afternoon. I have reported all the posts to the team at HealthUnlocked and have deleted all the posts. 'zimula' is not able to post publicly here again but is able to send private messages. If you receive anything from 'zimula' please could you let me know.

I apologise for any offence caused by these posts.

Best Wishes

Harriet (HarryB)

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Hello Harriet, yes I did see tham. Thought they were bit disgusting really. Glad they were removed.

Well done to you.


Thanks John



Hi Harriet.

I opened the first message, thought it was a strange posts to have on this site.

Thought it might have been a mistake so I didn't even read them. Did see the title on enlargements and chuckled to myself before deleting them. Good that they have been removed. x


Hi Harry :-)

I received this today.

HealthUnlocked New AtaxiaUK question:

Koyal International Fraud Training and Consultancy:

Grundung Integritat im Geschaftsverkehr

I didn't open it for fear of a virus :-( xB


Thanks Beryl. I deleted it.



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