Have a great weekend

Hi everyone,

I am so grateful for this comunity. Here I have learned so much and felt the support of everyone. It is such a blessing to be able to discuss, get advice and communicate with people who understand you. Today I am not complaining or even concerned with my condition. I am counting my blessings, and I have so many. Today I feel so independant, I have done my babysitting for the day, I have managed all my house chores and enjoying the hot weather. I just love the sunshine and the warm long days which we are experiencing in Portugal at the moment. I wish you all a great weekend, be positive, count your blessings, focus on what you can do and stay well.

Thank you all for being there and sharing your advice with all of us.

Best wishes


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  • I just love Portugal we stay in a small village called Pera when we holiday. Wish I was there now. We do have lovely weather here today. Have a great weekend.

  • 😊I've never been to Portugal, it sounds lovely. The sun is shining here today too😊xB

  • Hi wobblybee,

    If you can, you must come it is lovely here.

    best wishes


  • Likewise this small community helped me big time with good friendly advice, such a special place, it seems to motivate people around here who seek answers to also get on with their lives and move forwards as best they can and its a great reminder that somedays the sun does indeed shine.

  • Dear Isabel, How very kind of you to express your gratefulness to the community of this site! You are an inspiration with your positive attitude! I live in the USA and we enjoyed sunshine, blue skies and warm temps today! My best to you..., ;o)

  • Thank you for you kind words. I try to have am positive attitude, it makes me feel better and try to help those around me to see the good things they have. I just found mysel a new hobby, I am learning french to keep the brain active and my handwriting good. My best to you also and stay well

  • Way to be pro-active, learning French!!! ;o)

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