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Last week I had a coloscopy, which was nothing to do with my ataxia, but because my dad died of colon cancer.

I have been having trouble going to the toilet (no twos) for several months now and was definitely full of a backlog ha ha.

This was my third recent attempt at a coloscopy, despite having one six years ago. At the end of last year the product made me really ill (sickness, fever etc). And in June the product to clear my colon had absolutely no effect whatsoever. So this time I had to take two movicol sachets for about 10 days before, spagulax sachet with every meal, suppositories to help me go and in the 24 hours beforehand I took 12 movicol sachets and the prepacol product. After all these products I was finally successfully emptied!

I was thinking that I must have an enormous polyp blocking my system but NO the problem is related to the bloody ataxia!!!

My sphincter muscle is completely contracted even under general anethestic, thats why i have been unable to go to the toilet and clogged my system up

I have an appt with my neurologist in two weeks and meanwhile I have upped my dose of baclofene. And lo and behold this morning i managed to go to the toilet without a suppository :)

Has anyone else had this problem at all or am i alone with my sphincter problem?

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Interesting you say that your problem is related to ataxia. I also have problems with my digestive system and although I haven't been told its linked to my ataxia I believe that it is. I take movicol (laxido) and fibrogel on a daily basis. This enables me to keep my digestive system in a more healthy state. Have you been advised to take laxitives regularly too?


I have had problems with bowel movements ( having had three colposcopys) nothing found ,terrible pains in my tummy (endoscopy) all clear

I was told eat Kiwis which helps

I don't eat a lot if bread or pastries never had any trouble til I stated to get less mobile have been in wheelchair now for 6 years due to

Freidreiches Ataxia

Hope this helps


I have CA and poor BMs. My record without a BM is 3 months but I now eat tons of fruit n veg (5-10 a day), I go 1-2 a week. Not bad but not good either so I recently started taking 'chia' seeds which seem to pack quite a punch! My body does seem to get used to laxatives and foods fairly quickly but I also use 'lepicol' occasionaly which encourages a BM.

I've never been diagnosed with a sphincter problem or IBS or whatever.


I've had a few colonoscopies in the past couple years, because a one, two and three day prep wasn't good enough. Finally, a four day prep (all-liquid diet along with prescription drink)) worked, colon was clean and this foodie survived...,ha! Although it's never been officially confirmed (through testing ?), doctors and my theory is system runs slower due to ataxia. I live in the States and drink an over-the-counter product called Miralax (per my internest) as needed, which greatly helps. I also take two over-the-counter stool softener tablets (per my neuro) each day, as well as eat lots of fresh veggies and fruit (fiber) and drink tons of water. I've been told (by my internest and neuro) NOT to rely on laxatives, as after time they don't work (you become dependent on them). Miralax is OK though, and can be taken everyday for the rest of your life if needed.


At the moment I'm taking spagulax (i think is the same as fibrogel) twice per day when eating. I really do eat loads of fruit and veg and often have porridge for breakfast. But before discovering the problem even eating 10 kiwis had no effect!! In fact nothing related to my diet had any effect!

Since upping my dose of baclofene (now on 4 per day instead of 2) i have been going everyday :) My system is feeling so much better.

I will keep you all updated as to what my neurologist has to say on the 5 aug.


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