Double vision and squint surgery to correct it

I've had double vision for about 15 yrs. Initially I thought it was caused by either :

a) Carbamazaphine Retard (side effects)

b) Iritis ( the pupil became attached at an odd angle)

This week I was told it was caused by Ataxia.

Since the onset of double vision, the pupil in my left eye has gradually

worked inwards towards my nose, being classified as a Squint.

I've just had surgery, the surgeon put adjustable stitches into the eye

muscle and then tweaked them until single vision came into focus

Up till now I've had to have glasses with a very strong prism. I found

that when walking, Nystagmus made my pupils seem to bounce against

the prism, causing balance to become harder to control. In fact I

actually felt disorientated, perception of depth was more difficult.

But on the whole prisms are essential if you still want to drive, the alternative

would be an Occlusal Contact Lens in the effected eye.

It's going to take around 6wks for the eye to recover from surgery but

already I'm experiencing an amazing transformation. xB

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  • Hi B

    When I had my stroke I had a facial palsy as well, so I have no muscles down my right side and it gave me a major squint, I have to have 2 lots of botox in the little bit of muscle I have, then my surgeon will split this muscle and divide it so I have some side to side movement. I have already had 3 ops to lift the lower lid raise the eyebrow and gold in the eylid so it closes.

  • Hi, I too had a mini stroke in 2004 but in the UK they named it Bell's Palsy. One side of my face later became immobile and my eye doesn't blink. In 2009 I had plastic surgery to lift the downward pull of my mouth and cheek. So I have one fat cheek and one sunken in cheek due to age I suppose. I'm interested in what you wrote because this past Friday I went to another plastic surgeon (same clinic as before) to see if I could get some improvement. I use a straw to drink hot liquids and my food gets wedged in the corner of my mouth as there is an added muscle holding my lip and inside cheek together. It's too tight. I still don't have a smile on the right side. In my lower lid I have an insert - I think polyurethene (one of the poly materials) but there is a gap still where my eyedrops drip out. Does you eye close normally now? and what is the 'gold'? I have 6 months to think about more surgery. Look at my photo. My mouth is pulled to one side eye is much bigger. Thanks, Jean

  • Hi Jean

    As they no I had my palsy through the stroke it is called facial palsy, I have started drinking through a baby cup but still use a straw for cold, I eat a lot of soft food but it still gets stuck as only eat on left side, as no muscle on the right only one little bit in the eye. I am under 2 eye clinics at LRI Mrs Burns she has done uplift on lower lid eyebrow lift and just had gold inserted in top lid to help close, your eye is watering a lot to fight of infection, try lacri-lube an ointment this should help I also where a patch to help with the double vision, these are all done under local. Then I see Prof Gottlob she is hopefully doing the squint I have to have botox injected into the muscle as it has contracted with lack of use, then she will msplit the muscle and reattach on the side to give me a little side to side movement. if you need more info let me no

  • if you are on face book and want more information Vickie Bulman podgers

  • So happy for you, Beryl!!! ;o)

  • I never cease to be amazed by treatments. Botox is known to be

    effective in a number of conditions, but Gold.....!

    Botox was tried on my eye muscle but because of Ataxia I didn't

    have the ability to exert extra added control myself, hence the


    I hope this encourages anybody in a similar position to enquire

    about Squint surgery. xB

  • So pleased for you. All the best:)

  • Ah, thank you:-) xB

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